10 Tips To Deal With Pimples & Acne

My skin was always acne free and once in a blue moon I used to have a pimple but nothing major that I couldn't control. Few months back ...

My skin was always acne free and once in a blue moon I used to have a pimple but nothing major that I couldn't control. Few months back during my exams I started having breakouts here and there. Initially, I thought it was due to excess caffeine, stress, lack of sleep and also neglecting CTM but within few weeks it started increasing uncontrollably. It was disheartening to see the ugly acne all over my skin and I left no stone unturned to stop them. From acne gels to home remedies, I desperately started applying everything possible to prevent them from growing. Unfortunately, all my efforts were in vain. My last resort was to visit a dermatologist and seek an expert help. So, this was my story of acne issues which actually compelled me to write this post on tips to deal with acne. Acne can be for various reasons – hormones, food habits, wrong beauty products etc. but it is difficult to trace what triggers the pimples. Hence, there are certain points which you should be keeping in mind when you face a dreadful acne situation.

1. Stop Using Cosmetics Immediately

Cosmetics consists of loads and loads of chemicals and therefore even if there are products which claim to be herbal or suited your skin earlier, they can still cause trouble. During breakouts, the skin goes through a very delicate state and, therefore, any chemical can aggravate the situation altogether. It might be difficult to avoid cosmetics initially, but it is better for long term problem free skin.

2. Check Your Food Habits

Food habits play a major role in having good skin and hair. Though it is barely impossible to cut down junk food entirely, eat it only for a day in a week. Make it a habit of including lots and lots of green vegetables and fruits but avoid canned juices. Cut down fatty foods and maintain a healthy diet. Exercise to keep yourself healthy and sleep well.

3. Visit A Dermatologist

No matter what, we do need an expert for this issue. Once the acne is treated with correct medicines it is automatically prevented from growing further. Delaying the process will make the situation worst and result in more damage.

4. Stop Exfoliation

During this time, avoid exfoliation as the skin is extremely sensitive and further scrubbing can hurt the acne leaving behind hideous scars. Scars are more stubborn to deal with and, therefore, don't use any scrubs or exfoliating face wash.

5. Selection Of Face Wash

Foaming face washes are great for oily skin but during acne it exaggerates the problem. Don't go for fruit face washes as well. Try choosing the face wash with neem, tea tree or anti-septic properties for the acne with mild touch on the skin. Avoid harsh face washes altogether.

6. Sunscreen

Do not leave the home without a sunscreen. Use a sunscreen recommend by your doctor and apply it every 2 hours without fail while being exposed to the harmful sun rays. UV rays can affect the skin in the worst way possible and therefore it takes a toll on skin. Also, choose a sunscreen with SPF 40 and above.

7. No DIY Remedies

You will get a thousand remedies when you search the internet for acne remedies mainly using kitchen products, but you never know which might suit you or have an adverse reaction. It is one of the myths that natural ingredients are always good. So avoid burdening your skin with experiments especially when you are facing acne problem.

8. Face Wipes & Dry Tissues

When we sweat a lot during summer, we tend to use the same bacteria filled handkerchief throughout the whole day which is completely unhygienic for the skin. Try using face wipes and dry tissues which you can dispose. In this way, the skin remains free from germs and infection.

9. Deal With Dandruff

Dandruff is closely linked with acne. Therefore, wash your hair whenever it gets dirty to keep the hair free from oil and dandruff. Also, do not use oil overnight as it increases the chance of acne.

10. Be Patient

Acne can be really frightening and lowers your self-confidence to a large extent. Firstly, be patient because these are not going to cure overnight. Major breakouts take some time to disappear completely. Secondly, do not try to poke the pimples as scar marks as it can turn out to be really ugly. Even if the problem gets solved, the scars take the time to disappear.

Do follow the above points and keep your skin healthy. Do let us know your views about this article and how you fought acne issues.

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Contributed By: Salomi Das


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  1. This is super useful as women face acne problem at some point or the other.

  2. I was clueless initially but thankfully controlled the situation...


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