Juicy Popsicles Nail Art Tutorial

It's summer time and summer calls for trips to the beaches, amusement parks, and water parks. Wh...

It's summer time and summer calls for trips to the beaches, amusement parks, and water parks. When you go on trips to places like these, you need to look cool to resemble that you are beating the heat and be fashionable at the same time. A colorful tee, shorts and a pair of flip flops are the best attire you can flaunt. But along with this, if you happen to flaunt some bright nails, it is like icing on the cake. So here I am with the summer nail art series to give you all some ideas and easy nail art tutorials. Now who doesn't love juicy popsicles in summer? I still love the way it leaves behind a subtle tint to my lips which look cute. They come in so many colors and flavors that it becomes hard to decide which one to choose. So today I have the Juicy Popsicles Nail Art Tutorial which is inspired by these colorful popsicle sticks.

Things Needed:
  • Bright nail polish colors of your choice. I have taken pink, purple, lavender, yellow, green, sky blue, sea green, orange and olive green.
  • Top coat.


Start by taking any color of your choice and paint the whole of your nail with that color.

Take another color and cover 2/4th of your nail in a diagonal pattern as I have done here. You need not be perfect here as popsicles sometimes have the colors intertwined.

Now with the third color, paint 1/4th of your nail from the base in the same diagonal pattern as done in the previous step.

Repeat this process for all your nails. If possible don't repeat any color. It will make the nail art more colorful. Apply the top coat and complete the nail art.

Your juicy popsicle nails are ready.

Isn't it so simple? My style of popsicle nail art looks like swirl popsicle sticks. Make sure the colors you are using are bright and peppy to suit your beach outings. Enjoy your popsicles and have some real ones also in this scorching heat.

Contributed By: Divya Singh


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