Snowflake Nail Art Tutorial

Hello beautiful souls! Hope everyone is doing awesome. Last few days have become so chilly that even...

Hello beautiful souls! Hope everyone is doing awesome. Last few days have become so chilly that even Kolkata is experiencing cold winds in the mornings. Thankfully it's not like North India here because that place is experiencing heavy snowfall and we are not accustomed to so much cold. Snowfall changes the allover landscape and snowflakes are definitely a thing of beauty. Snowflakes are generally crystals of ice that fall. They look very unique because each one of them forms a delicate and unique shape. The snowflakes form a very unique idea for Christmas nail art because Christmas generally falls when there is heavy snow in the West. So I am continuing the Christmas nail art series here with the Snowflake nail art tutorial.

Things Needed:
  • Black nail polish.
  • White nail polish.
  • Thin nail art brush.
  • Top coat.


Paint your nails with a black nail polish. I have used a black polish because a dark base lifts up the snowflake design.

Now pick up white nail polish in the brush and make criss-cross lines that meet up at the centre. Make one or two depending on the size of your nails.

Now make V shape on top of these patterns. Below the V shape, make dots on the lines.

To show frostiness, make random small white dots around the snowflakes.

Lastly apply the top coat. Your pretty snowflakes are ready.

As I said snowflakes form different patterns. So make different numbers and sizes on different nails. Just with the use of two polishes, you can create such an intricate and beautiful patterns. I have used black but you can use any shade. I would suggest blue as it looks great for this nail art. Do try this nail art for Christmas and let us know how you find it!

Contributed By: Divya Singh


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