Santa Claus Nail Art Tutorial

Are you enjoying the sudden winter rain in most parts of India? This sudden rise in chill has filled...

Are you enjoying the sudden winter rain in most parts of India? This sudden rise in chill has filled my nerves with so much laziness that every morning I get a good amount of scolding from my mother to wake up. I am sure this will continue till winter leaves. But then I am here to continue with the Christmas nail art series. I have done quite a few Christmas nail arts in the past few days and I am glad you all liked them. Now I am back with Santa Claus nail art tutorial. St. Nicholas, better known as Santa is the most important figurine of Christmas. He is the best friend of children as he is believed to bring gifts for them on 24th of December, the night before Christmas. So let's have some cute little Santa Claus on our nails with this super easy nail art.

Things Needed:
  • Nude nail polish.
  • Red nail polish.
  • White nail polish.
  • Black nail polish.
  • Thin nail art brush
  • Top coat.


Start by applying two coats of nude nail polish and let it dry.

Take red nail polish with the help of a nail art brush and apply on one-third part of your nail from top.

Pick up some white nail polish and make small connected dots at the base where your red polish ends. Extend the dots from the sides and make the beard of Santa as shown.

Make two dots for eyes using the white nail polish. With black polish, make two dots inside the white polish. Continue with all the nails and do it in a manner that shows all the eyes looking at each other.

Make a small nose of Santa using red nail polish as shown.

With the black nail polish, make the mouth of Santa. Make the mouth in different nails at different directions as shown.

Apply the top coat. Ho Ho Ho! Santa Claus is here on your nails.

This is the cutest nail art I have done till date. The eyes of Santa Claus here look so childish and cute. So all of you sing Jingle Bells and enjoy these cute little Santa's on your nails.

Contributed By: Divya Singh


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  1. My favorite nail art in this entire series. After all, who doesnt love Santa!

  2. For me also this is the cutest in the whole series:)


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