Vega Eye Shadow (EV-02) and Eye Smudger (EV-22) Brush Review

Hello, beautiful ladies! Makeup brushes, especially the eye brushes are something I am very passiona...

Hello, beautiful ladies! Makeup brushes, especially the eye brushes are something I am very passionate about. Ever since I started applying makeup, I have learned that when you have the right brush, mistakes are not likely to happen. Moreover, it helps to save time for all the blending and merging. Vega is a well-known band for its cost effective quality products which are quite famous with beginners as well as professionals. They have two types of brushes range – one is regular and the other one is professional. Today I am here to review two of the eye brushes from their regular range which I bought a year back when I just started learning the art of applying makeup. So let's find out my experience with the brushes after using them for over a year.

About Vega Eye Shadow (EV-02) and Eye Smudger (EV-22) Brush:

Vega Eye Shadow Brush:

This Vega Eye Shadow Brush has been designed for the even spreading and blending of eye shadow. The special shape of this brush is specially designed for the eyes so that the deposits are not made in the patch but gets distributed evenly. Always use a separate brush for each color. One brush should be kept for shading and one brush should be kept for highlighting.

Vega Eye Smudger Brush:

Vega Eye Smudger to create soft liner color for a smoky effect. Start with powder cake liner or pencil and follow with this firm PVC foam eraser like the tip to smudge off excess to create the smoky look desired. Professional size. Sponge Tip.


Vega Eye Shadow Brush: 70 INR
Vega Eye Smudger: 80 INR

Directions For Use:

Vega Eye Shadow Brush: The brush can be used for applying eyeshadow on the lids.
Vega Eye Smudger Brush: The brush can be used to smudge Kajal/Eyeshadow on the upper and lower lids.

My Experience With Vega Eye Shadow (EV-02) and Eye Smudger (EV-22) Brush:

Vega Eye Shadow Brush:

The eye shadow brush comes with a wooden handle with the name engraved in black ink over it. The brushes are quite lightweight and easy to carry around for traveling. There isn't any stylish look to the brushes and it looks like any basic brush. The eyeshadow brush is a flat brush with a round top. It is not at all fluffy and hence it cannot be used for blending eyeshadows. Mostly, I use the brush to pat eyeshadow colors on the eyelid or as a concealer brush. It works wonderfully to spread the concealer evenly in the under eye area as well if you are not comfortable to use the fingers.

Speaking of the bristles, they are extremely soft and flat. In terms of quality, the Vega brushes really stand out as the price is cheap compared to other brushes. I have been using the brush for more than a year or so and wash it every 3-4 days of usage. There has been no shedding of the bristles till date which is phenomenally good and the brush dries off very quickly compared to other flat brushes. If you are looking for a basic eyeshadow applicator then I would say this is a good option.

Vega Eye Smudger Brush:

This one was an impulse buy for me, but I didn't quite realize that it would turn out to be such a great brush. This particular brush is slightly short in size than others with a sleek wooden handle. It is quite easy to control the movement and has the apt size and breadth for that matter. To start off, this isn't a typical brush with bristles. It has a dome shaped PVC foam attached. This one is ideally used to smudge off the colors on the upper and lower lash line or water line. It is very convenient to use on the days when I am in a hurry. You can simply apply a thick layer of kohl or cream/gel eyeliners and use this brush to create smoky layers. Upon using, it gives a sultry look to the eyes.

However, using this specific brush for the eyelids isn't a great idea as it involves slight tugging and pulling. It has been over a year that I have been using the brush and it is still intact in shape which I believe is very commendable for the price tag involved. The brush requires a bit of delicate care while washing. This is because too much swirl would leave the foam either teared up or damaged. Speaking of the price, it is quite reasonable and easily affordable. Be a beginner in makeup or a professional, this brush is a must buy for sure.

Pros Of Vega Eye Shadow (EV-02) and Eye Smudger (EV-22) Brush:
  • Both the brushes have wooden handles and give a proper control while using it.
  • Both brushes have a proper shape for their respective purpose.
  • The smudger brush is easy to use when you're in a hurry.
  • Both the brushes are affordable.
  • Eye shadow brush is easy to use.
  • There has been no shredding or damage till date after using them for over a year.

Cons Of Vega Eye Shadow (EV-02) and Eye Smudger (EV-22) Brush:
  • Smudger brush requires delicate care to wash and dry.

Diva Likes Rating:

Vega Eye Shadow Brush: 4.5/5
Vega Eye Smudger Brush: 5/5

Final Note:

Although the eye shadow brush is quite good on its own, there are various applicators and brushes to replace it. On the other hand, the eye smudger brush is a phenomenal one. It is a must have for everyone.

Contributed By: Salomi Das


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