VLCC Skin Defense Rose Water Toner Review

When I started off with the CTM method for my skin, I never understood why we actually need to do it...

When I started off with the CTM method for my skin, I never understood why we actually need to do it. Eventually, after learning a lot about skin care, I came to realize how strikingly it improves our skin. It minimizes the pores, enhances our skin tone, moisturizes & refreshes the skin and also balances the pH level of our skin. Though it sounds very easy to choose any toner from the market but actually it isn't. You have to choose the one adapted for your skin and make sure it doesn't break you out. Once I read an article about beauty secrets of Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha, where she mentioned that rubbing ice cubes over the skin works great as a toner. Ever since then, I used to follow this method until I was sent VLCC Skin Defense Rose Water Toner. Do you want to know how this toner worked for me? Read on to know more about the product.

About VLCC Skin Defense Rose Water Toner:

The skin toner acts as a refreshing and cooling agent. It tones, nourishes and balances the skin. For all skin types.


125 INR for 100 ml

Shelf Life:

3 years

Ingredients List:

Directions For Use:

Moisten a piece of cotton with the toner; apply all over your clean face and neck area. Add to your face packs for refreshing and glowing skin.

My Experience With VLCC Skin Defense Rose Water Toner:

The skin toner comes in a milky white opaque plastic bottle with a flip cap that has a little hole to absorb the product in a cotton swab. The bottle is extremely sturdy and travel-friendly without a chance of any leakage or spillage. The toner looks like water – totally transparent with a runny consistency. The product has a strong smell of refreshing rose scent but the aroma isn't disturbing to your nose at all. The whiff lingers on the skin for 6-7 minutes. On the application of the toner, it gives a refreshing effect on the skin leaving it soft and hydrated with its mild and gentle outcome.

Coming to its effect on the pores, I didn't notice much difference except a faint glow on the skin. I don't think the toner is effective enough to deal with the problems of the pores. It is noteworthy to mention that the toner doesn't sting and irritate the eyes or the skin even if you are having acne. I believe it would suit all the skin types as per its claim. Excessive oily skin might not be fully satisfied with the mild outcome but it is perfectly apt for winters. Oily skinned people can add this toner to multani mitti face pack and apply it to get an instant radiance and softness to the skin. Moreover, it is awesome to see that it doesn't have parabens. Taking the price into consideration, I would say that it is an above average toner that refreshes and hydrates your skin well and also controls the oil level of the skin.

Pros Of VLCC Skin Defense Rose Water Toner:
  • Travel-friendly and sturdy packaging.
  • Contains no parabens or harmful chemicals.
  • Gives a refreshing, radiant glow to the skin.
  • Doesn't dry out but controls oil to a certain extent.
  • Excellent for winters and suitable to all skin types.
  • It doesn't sting or irritate the skin.
  • It gets easily absorbed by the skin.
  • Works excellent with the face packs.
  • Reasonable pricing.

Cons Of VLCC Skin Defense Rose Water Toner:
  • Oily skin may feel it is too light.
  • Doesn't work much on the pores.

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Final Note:

Becaue I have an oily skin, I would prefer skipping the ice cubes method of closing pores and use this toner instead. It is a lovely product and I absolutely love the glow it gives to my skin post CTM method. If you are looking for a decent toner for your skin, then this is it. Do give it a try and let me know.

Contributed By: Salomi Das


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