Top 15 Inspirational Bollywood Movies

Lazing on a weekend and watching a good movie is something that pretty much all of us enjoy doing. And if it is a masala Bollywood flick the...

Lazing on a weekend and watching a good movie is something that pretty much all of us enjoy doing. And if it is a masala Bollywood flick then it's an icing on the cake. But there are some Bollywood movies that do more than just entertain us; these movies inspire us. They may or may not be from the big production houses, may not have superstars, and sometimes may not even have the Bollywood formula song and dance routine. But these are the movies that make us believe in ourselves and in the power of goodness. Here is a list of 15 must watch inspirational Bollywood movies of recent times.

1. Taare Zameen Par

This movie is nothing like a usual Bollywood movie and yet it keeps you hooked on to the screen for the entire length of the movie. This movie has a very different take on learning disabilities and shows the whole thing in a positive light. Aamir Khan does a brilliant act, and does not steal away the show from Darsheel Safari, who remains the central character of the movie. This is an extremely well done movie with a very strong message.

2. A Wednesday

This is the story of a common man who is fed up with the protocols of the system and takes law in his own hands to prove his point. Naseeruddin Shah acts the part of a common man with exceptional brilliance. Equally commendable is Anupam Kher, playing the super cop. A Wednesday is a highly intelligent movie that hammers its point on the right nail with perfection.

3. Oh My God

Adapted from a vernacular play, Kishen Kanhaiyan, Oh My God is one of the most logical movies ever made. Its take on religion and the so-called god-men is crystal clear. Many of us may have thought about it, and debated upon it, but this movie depicts the difference between God and religion in the most beautiful way. It does not make one an atheist, in fact it strengthens our faith in God, all the while shunning the religious clubs that use almighty as a money making enterprise. A must watch for a young, educated and logical Indian.

4. My Name Is Khan

This is a big banner movie which follows the usual Bollywood formula, but with a difference. The super hit pair of Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol are not romanticized in a Bollywood way. It remains real and the suffering in their lives is equally real. How a psychologically challenged man goes on an almost impossible journey for the sake of love is truly inspiring. At every turn of the movie, your heart will cry with Khan as you will surely fall in love with the character over and over again. Masala yet meaningful, a must watch for Bollywood movie lovers.

5. Thoda Sa Rumani Ho Jaye

This is an offbeat Bollywood movie, with a blend of romance, growing up, humanity, superstition, relationships, age, and hope. It is about life and the beauty of it. It inspires us to believe in the strangeness of life, no matter how ordinary it is, and it gives us hope to believe in goodness, even though it comes disguised as a traitor. Powerful acting by Nana patekar, Anita Kanwar and all the other actors makes this movie an absolute delight to watch.

6. Prahar

This movie is as good as real. It narrates the lives of the Indian army. It is a simple story of new recruits and their trainer. Simple as it may seem, the movie has great depth and does not over do anything. Nana Patekar's role is that of a hard hearted military man, with complex shades to his personality. A must watch for Indians who sleep at night while the army protects us.

7. Dor

This Nagesh Kukunoor movie is a beautiful tale of friendship between a young widow, a woman fighting to save her husband, and a con artist. This movie has a feminist undertone, in a very subtle way. The story telling is so beautiful that it is hard to forget. The characters are delicate, yet very strong and rooted in their own way.

8. Rocket Singh

Though this big banner movie was a below average grosser, it was definitely a career inspiring movie. This movie sends a strong message against the corrupt business practices of big enterprises. It narrates the story of an idealist simpleton who is great at selling. But soon his ideals are shattered as he steps into the real world. How he makes his strength his weapon is worth watching. There might have been glitches in the movie making, but it is sure worth a watch for those who think that they have to bow down to company rules, no matter how wrong or immoral they are.

9. Chak De India

King Khan steps down from his romantic hero pedestal and becomes a coach of the Indian Women’s Hockey Team. He uses his past failure as his stepping stone to success and helps India shine in the International arena. This movie is not about genders; it's about the spirit to deliver your best; it's about unity; it's about getting up even when have fallen and hit the lowest pit. A must watch for all who think you can't.

10. Rang De Basanti

This is a brilliant take on the power of youth. It was young martyrs like Bhagath Singh and Rajguru who had paved the way for India's freedom, and it will be the youth again who will bring India out of its dark state of affairs. This message is artistically illustrated through this movie. Though the movie ends in tragedy, it gives hope to young Indians who have lost faith in the system and the government. Aamir khan and group did a great job in making this movie a landmark in Indian Cinema.

11. Yuva

Yuva is a movie about solutions. It is set against the political scenario of corrupt India and drives in the idea that one cannot stay out of the system to clean it. You need to get inside to make a change. Ajay Devgan plays his character with passion and it is reflected in the movie. Abhishek Bachchan's role as a goon is portrayed realistically and you feel good and bad for his fate at the same time. A must watch in the inspiring movies list.

12. Rock On

It is true that with time friendships change, priorities change, and sadly we change as people. But what is it that unites us after years of separation? Is it our passion or our friendship? Do we really change with time, or do we just learn to adapt to our new circumstances? Does love fade with time? Does talent rust without practice? Rock On is a movie that answers these questions. Farhan Akhtar and team rocks us back to their young care free days and then bring us back to the professionals who do not have time to chase their dreams. And then the miracle of friendship revive their forgotten dreams and unite to give the best performance of their lives.

13. Zindagi Milegi Na Dobaara

Again in lines with Rock on, ZMND is a positive story about three friends who are inherently different and yet united by friendship. This movie is about living life on your terms and overcoming your greatest fears. The movie is a perfect blend of love, life, fears, success, failure, betrayal, friendship, forgiveness, and above all it is about living every moment in a quest to fulfill your dreams.

14. Queen

You can totally be yourself and embrace the whole world with your simplicity- This is the message in the movie Queen. This movie is about simplicity; so simple is the story that it makes it a very special treasure in your DVD Box. Rani is a simple girl who is ditched by her fiancé because she hasn't changed with time. In her moments of despair she decides to go on her pre-booked Honeymoon to Paris, all alone. She meets new friends, has new experiences, looks at the world with a new angle, and has tons of fun. But even for once, she does not stop being herself. A hard hitting message delivered in the cutest way possible. A big nod to Queen in the inspiring movie list.

15. 3 Idiots

This movie has everything to make it one of the most inspiring movies of all times. Adapted from Chetan Bhagat's novel Five Point Someone, this movie became an instant hit with young and old alike. This movie teaches us to follow our dreams and give it our best shot. If we become best in what we do, success will come running to catch up with us while we bask in the happiness of doing something that we enjoy. This movie is worth watching over and over again.

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  1. This is such a lovely list Kriti....though I didnt watch few...I will make sure to watch them!

  2. TZP made me cry every time i watched it, RDB was so inspiring as well and also BLACK.. lovely movie..


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