Spider Web Nail Art Tutorial

Hello divas! I hope everyone is doing great. With the month of October comes the preparation of Hall...

Hello divas! I hope everyone is doing great. With the month of October comes the preparation of Halloween which is celebrated on 31st October in many countries. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm and is definitely the most awaited day of the year. The typical activities involved in Halloween are dressing up in haunting themes, organizing bonfires and feasting. In India we generally do not observe Halloween much. We cannot dress up in costumes and wander around in streets but how about a nail art on Halloween? So I came up with a nail art themed specially for Halloween. I am going to do a spider web nail art tutorial which was requested by Lavanya. This nail art looks very complicated but it actually is quite simple. All you need is a steady hand which comes by practicing. So let's get started with these awesome looking spider nails.

Things Needed:
  • Any nail polish of your choice (darker the shade the better it will look). I have used black here as black depicts mystery and gloom.
  • White nail polish.
  • Thin nail art brush.
  • Top coat.


Start off by applying two coats of the base polish. Let it dry completely.

Take the nail art brush and dip it in white nail polish. Make a straight line across your nail dividing the nail into two halves.

Make a cross design over the vertical line as shown in the picture.

Then make small arches of webs in the middle of the lines.

Apply the top coat and let it dry.

So simple, isn't it? The nail art is done.

I hope you enjoyed this simple nail art tutorial. So what if we cannot wear Halloween costumes, we can definitely sport spider nails and flaunt it in the eve of Halloween. I am definitely going to flaunt it on the 31st and what about you all? Do let us know in the comments below.

Contributed By: Divya Singh


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