5 Must Have Items In Your Holiday Checklist

We've all had that sinking feeling on holiday of opening a suitcase and realising that a crucial item is missing. In the excitement and...

We've all had that sinking feeling on holiday of opening a suitcase and realising that a crucial item is missing. In the excitement and rush of getting ready for vacations, it's all too easy to forget the essentials. This is why it's a good idea to create a checklist of must-have possessions, and this should feature the following items.

1. Your Paperwork:

It might seem obvious, but it's worth mentioning the importance of vital holiday documents and paperwork. Before you embark on your travel, you'll need to check if you have your passport and any relevant visas. You must also have your holiday money or means of accessing cash abroad - like a credit card or traveller's cheques. Depending on where you're going, you might need vaccination certificates too. It helps to keep these items separate from your clothing and other possession so that you can reach them easily.
Never leave packing your documents until the last minute. If you discover you're missing one or more of them when it's too late, your entire trip may be scuppered. Therefore, the sooner you can check these items and get them ready, the better.

2. Health Essentials:

The fact that you're going away to relax and have fun doesn't mean you can afford to forget about practical issues like protecting your health. No matter how careful you are, accidents and injuries can occur while you're abroad and it's important that you have certain health essentials with you.
In addition to any personal medication, it's a good idea to take pain killers and a basic first aid kit. You might also need insect repellent, sunscreen, mosquito nets, sickness tablets and rehydration sachets. If you're really venturing off the beaten track, you may want to take water purification tablets too.

3. Cosmetics:

When you're packing your cosmetics case, make sure you include shampoo, soap, deodorant, a toothbrush and toothpaste. You'll also need a hair brush, razor and moisturiser. If you'll have to go without a shower at any point, some wet wipes will come in handy too. Unless your accommodation will provide it, a hairdryer is another must.

4. Technology:

Don't forget those all-important gadgets either. If you're not happy with the quality of images your smartphone takes, a digital camera is a must. After all, you'll need to record your trip for posterity. An MP3 player and a travel laptop or tablet can also prove useful, especially when you're in transit. Don't forget to take all the relevant chargers and adapters too.

5. Clothes:

You won't get very far without clothes either. Exactly what you need to pack will depends on where you're going. You'll have to make sure you're ready for whatever the elements throw at you. Take a look at online resources before you jet off to ensure you're fully clued up about your destination of choice.

As long as you're organised, use a checklist and give yourself plenty of time to pack, you should be able to avoid those annoying 'duh' moments when you're away.

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