Jovees Anti Tan Clarifying Face Pack Review

If you read my earlier reviews, you must have noticed how much I use the words anti-tan, detan or su...

If you read my earlier reviews, you must have noticed how much I use the words anti-tan, detan or sun tan in my posts. This must have given you an idea of how much obsessed I am with tanning. This problem pushes me to keep searching for the best anti-tan products. Before the arrival of Durga Puja, I was very much stressed about my tanned hands and neck as I had bought some beautiful sleeveless dresses in dark colors. I wanted my hands to look fairer as before. So when I went for some shopping, I remembered about a face pack from Jovees I had used sometime back. I had gone to a store which sells all the Jovees products and at that time it was a relatively new name to me. I was wearing a black tee and the SA spotted my tanned hands. She said my face looks fairer compared to my hands and suggested me to try Jovees Anti Tan Clarifying Face Pack. Immediately, my loving sister bought it for me. So when I remembered about this product, I decided to get it again for my tanning problem.

About Jovees Anti Tan Clarifying Face Pack:

This formulation is the result of an extensive research on herb and their power to heal and improve skin's well being in hot weather conditions. This special pack uses hydrated herbs which help to protect skin from tanning, remove discoloration caused due to exposure to sun and other polluting agents. The therapeutic properties of the herbs help to clarify the skin and bring glow and sheen to it.


165 INR for 100 g

Shelf Life:

3 years

Ingredients List:

Carrot, wheat germ, olivem, honey, Rosa cent folia and fullers earth.

Directions For Use:

Apply a thin layer all over the face and neck. Leave it on for 25 minutes. Wash thoroughly with plain water.

My Experience With Jovees Anti Tan Clarifying Face Pack:

Jovees Anti Tan Clarifying Face Pack comes in a regular white tube packaging with sunset yellow color design. It has a flip flop cap making it travel friendly. Earlier when I had used it, the packaging was very dull. Now they have changed the design and it looks more attractive. Coming to the texture of the pack, I will say that it is very thick. It is so thick that it becomes tough to squeeze it out of the tube. It becomes very hard to apply as well. I suggest you to mix the pack with rose water and then apply as it is easy to apply that way. The fragrance is very pleasant and mild. The pack says to leave it on for 25 minutes. I leave it for half an hour. The pack is beige white in color but once applied it looks totally white.

After washing, the face looks clean and fresh. It does not rip off the skin of its natural moisture. My face looks fairer and brighter after using this pack. I use it twice a week and it has been three weeks since I have been using it. It has cleared almost 20 percent of my old as well as new tan. My neck looked totally discolored from my face previously but now it's coming back to its even skin tone. I am so much happy and impressed about its performance that I am sure it will clear all my tan one day. I whole heartedly suggest every one of you to try this face pack.

Pros Of Jovees Anti Tan Clarifying Face Pack:
  • Comes in a travel friendly packaging.
  • Has a mild and pleasant fragrance.
  • Makes the skin look brighter and fairer.
  • Removes tan and is true to its claims.
  • Does not make skin feel dry and stretchy.

Cons Of Jovees Anti Tan Clarifying Face Pack:
  • The thick texture makes it hard to blend.

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Final Note:

Jovees Anti Tan Clarifying Face Pack is the best anti-tan product I have used till date. It is true to its claims of removing tan. It makes my skin look brighter instantly. It does not make the skin dry even after leaving it on for 25 minutes. I suggest this face pack to everybody who is tensed about their skin tanning like me.

Contributed By: Divya Singh


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