7 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Men In Your Life

Although many people don't like to say the 'C word' this early on in the year, you can't deny that it'll soon be here. Y...

Although many people don't like to say the 'C word' this early on in the year, you can't deny that it'll soon be here. You have just weeks to start preparing yourself for the big day. Men can be a particular challenge when it comes to Christmas - what the hell are you supposed to buy them? They don't give anything away, unlike us women who love to drop hints. Here are some Christmas gift ideas for the men in your life to help you!

1. Quirky T-Shirts

I can't think of one male who doesn't like to make a statement with a quirky t-shirt or two. Look at t-shirts in different colours, patterns, or bearing different slogans - you're sure to find something they'll like. Men always need new t-shirts due to the sheer amount of food and beer they drop on themselves.

2. Tattoo Voucher

Is there a man in your life who constantly talks about getting 'new ink', but never seems to make an appointment? Why not buy him a voucher? This way, he has no choice but to get that tattoo he's always talking about. This is great because it's a present they can keep and have with them forever.

3. A Month At Bootcamp

Does one of the men in your life say how much he'd like to get in shape again? A month at a bootcamp would be perfect! This is plenty of time for them to get back into exercise and start eating well. You can't put a price on health, so this gift should mean a lot to them.

4. Comfy Loungewear

Everybody loves comfy loungewear. Slippers, trousers and t-shirts are the clothing which are perfect for wearing on a lazy day in the house. If this sounds like something one of the men in your life would enjoy, encourage them by buying them the perfect lazy day ensemble.

5. A New Wallet

Most of the men I know have wallets that are falling apart. They've had them for years, and they are just not bothered to replace them. They'd rather lose their money on nights out than buy themselves a new wallet. This is where you come in! Something like Mywalit, for example, is perfect because it'll last ages. Men always need a quality wallet to take everywhere with them.

6. DVD Boxset

This could be their favourite program, or something they've never watched before. You can find plenty of suggestions here. However, before you purchase something like this, make sure it isn't on Netflix or easily accessible elsewhere.

7. Games Console

Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo's - whatever takes your fancy. I bet the men in your life will love one. Although some people claim that playing games is bad for us, it's only bad in excess. Playing games occasionally can actually help in our everyday lives!

I bet the majority of men in your life would love one of these gifts. Whether you're buying for your boyfriend or your brother or your dad, try one of these gifts and you'll be very popular this year!

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