Joy Skin Fruits Fairness Face Wash Review

A lot of people are obsessed with fairness and try different means to look fair. Honestly, I am not ...

A lot of people are obsessed with fairness and try different means to look fair. Honestly, I am not one of those people! The reason I picked this up is, over the years my skin is tanned and I would love to go back to my actual skin tone. This face wash by Joy contains lemon which is known as natural bleach. I thought there is no harm in trying it out. Did it live up to its claims of skin lightening or was it just another face wash? Read ahead!

About Joy Skin Fruits Fairness Face Wash:

• Face Wash for Skin Lightening
• Makes complexion fair to impart whitening glow
• Helps exfoliate and cleanse the skin by removing complexion – dulling impurities and dead cells to reveal naturally glowing skin
• It lightens and brightens the skin, making it fairer, radiant and youthful


50 INR for 50 ml

Shelf Life:

24 months

Ingredients List:

Directions For Use:

Massage gently over moistened face to work up a rich lather. Wash off and pat dry. Use as often as required!

My Experience With Joy Skin Fruits Fairness Face Wash:

Joy face washes have a very lively and colorful packaging. The variant that I have picked, Joy Skin Fruits Fairness Face Wash has a yellow and green tube packaging with a flip cover. It's cute and travel friendly packaging. The reason I picked this up apart from my tan problem was the packaging. I was at a local beauty shop and I loved the packaging in the first glance. It contained lemons and we all know the good things it does for our skin. I thought why not give it a try.
The face wash is light yellow in color. Its texture is very creamy and it lathers pretty decently. It has a nice lemony scent to it but it doesn't linger on for long. It cleanses my skin really well and helps get rid of the light makeup that I usually wear. It doesn't leave any sort of residue on my skin. It made my skin soft and smooth. You need to moisturize your skin after using this else it will make your skin dry.

Now, lets get to the most important claim about skin lightening! I wasn't on the lookout to become fairer but I hoped that I could get rid of the tan. Sadly, I haven't noticed any change in my skin tone even after using the product for almost 3 weeks. It does brighten the skin a little, but definitely doesn't lighten or remove tan.

Pros Of Joy Skin Fruits Fairness Face Wash:
  • Cute and travel friendly packaging
  • Creamy texture and lathers decently
  • Lemony Scent
  • Doesn't leave a residue
  • Makes the skin feel soft and smooth
  • Brightens the face

Cons Of Joy Skin Fruits Fairness Face Wash:
  • Doesn't lighten the complexion as it claims
  • May dry out your skin

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Final Note:

It's not a bad product, but it doesn't live up to its claims. If you are looking for a face wash that gives a brightening effect, do try this out. Else give it a pass!

Contributed By: Karishma Lakdawalla


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  1. Its good to know about Joy products...I havent tried it though.

    1. Joy has some really decent products at very affordable rates!

  2. Replies
    1. hmmm... i guess it isn't available so easily all over India!
      I can get this in almost medical stores around my area.


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