Faces Glam On Cream Blush Rose Quartz Review

Hi everyone! Today I will be reviewing Faces Glam On Cream Blush Rose Quartz shade. I had used the N...

Hi everyone! Today I will be reviewing Faces Glam On Cream Blush Rose Quartz shade. I had used the NYX cream blush and I loved it a lot. So I decided to try this cream blush and purchased it online. Cream blushes add a dewy glow to the face and make your skin look healthy. These are best suited for dry, normal and combination skin tones. They might look greasy on oily skinned beauties and hence it is better for them to avoid cream blushes. These blushes are creamy in texture and are often highly pigmented. You can easily apply cream blushes using fingers or stippling brush.

About Faces Glam On Cream Blush Rose Quartz:

Silky soft on skin and with a creamy texture, this blush on by Faces Cosmetics will leave a long and lasting colour that stays all day long without depicting flakiness and overly shine. Its creamy form complements all skin tones and works wonderfully by smoothly blending with skin colour.


INR 399 for 3.5 grams

Shelf Life:

36 months

Key Ingredients:

Light Liquid Paraffin, Octyl Palmitate, Capric/Caprylic Triglyceride, talc, Color

My Experience With Faces Glam On Cream Blush Rose Quartz:

This is my first cream blush from Faces. The shade of this blush is beige and it almost looks like a concealer. The color does not match the name Rose Quartz anywhere. I wonder why it was named this way as I was expecting to be colorful. The packaging is decent. It is in a black round packaging and has a cute small mirror inside. The size of the mirror bothers me a bit. It could have been bigger as it is not useful for me right now.
It seems totally impossible to carry off this shade as a blush so I started using it as a highlighter. It works okay for me when used as a highlighter. It makes my face glow and looks natural on my skin. The blush has no fragrance. The staying power is good. There is nothing much to speak about the color because it is a very odd color for a blush. It would only suit fair skinned girls and that too as a highlighter and definitely not as a blush. Personally, I was highly disappointed as I was expecting a rosy color given the name. The whole purpose of the blush goes for a toss with this biege color and I would not recommend it to anyone. It is best to try other shades!

Pros Of Faces Glam On Cream Blush Rose Quartz:
  • Travel friendly and decent packaging
  • Looks natural as a highlighter
  • Decent staying power

Cons Of Faces Glam On Cream Blush Rose Quartz:
  • High name and color mismatch
  • High disappointment as a blush-on
  • The tiny mirror is cute but not useful

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Final Note:

I do not recommend this blush due of its beige color as it would not show on your skin. The whole purpose of the blush goes in vain. You might try the other shades from Faces Cream Blush because of the decent pricing.

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  1. Scores very bad points seems a bad product :(

  2. Yes Radha It is a big disappointment.

  3. So bad, it's really useless as blush! Very disappointing product!

    1. Yeah truly disappointing when it comes to a blush. This shade is useless!

  4. I too was wondering the same thing! Where is the rose in rose quartz LOL sounds like a dud.! I was actually eying this but now I surely won't buy it :)

  5. Have not tried,..it looks more like a foundation than a blush..


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