Clean & Clear Foaming Facial Face Wash Review

Cleansing is the basic step for achieving healthy skin. Throughout the day your skin is exposed to dust, heat, grime and pollution. All thes...

Cleansing is the basic step for achieving healthy skin. Throughout the day your skin is exposed to dust, heat, grime and pollution. All these can clog your facial pores and lead to breakouts making your skin look dull and lifeless. You definitely need a reliable face wash for such problems. Sometimes certain products make us realize that old is gold and here is one such product - Clean & Clear Foaming Facial Face Wash. Clean & Clear is an old and reliable name. I have tried many face washes but I some how keep coming back to this one. I am pretty satisfied after using this as this product does exactly what it claims.

About Clean & Clear Foaming Facial Face Wash:

Gentle enough to use every day for clean and clear skin that glows. Specially designed to clean skin thoroughly to help prevent common skin problems. Its rich foam thoroughly cleanses to remove excess oil and dirt without over drying while special ingredients help prevent pimples. Leaves your skin feeling clean and beautifully clear.


Rs.49/- for 50 ml

Shelf Life:

36 months


Directions For Use:

Apply a small amount on wet palm and work into rich lather. Gently massage onto face, avoiding eye area. Rinse off thoroughly. Use twice daily for skin that's clean, clear and beautiful.

My Experience With Clean & Clear Foaming Facial Face Wash:

This face wash comes in a see through, sturdy, plastic bottle. It has a flip open cap that closes tightly making the product safe for travel. It is transparent and honey colored with medium consitency which is neither runny nor thick. You need a very small amount for your face, almost penny sized. It foams really well and the face wash has a creamy nature. It smells some what medicinal but I find it pleasant. Clean & Clear Foaming Facial Face Wash cleans away all the sebum, oil, dirt and impurities that accumulate on the skin during the course of the day. This face wash contains Triclosan, an antibacterial agent which helps deal with acne and pimples. Glycerin soothes any irritation and provides hydration to the skin. I don't have acne prone skin but I do have few zits here and there. This face wash definitely helped me with that problem. My skin feels fresh and clean after usage and my facial pores are clear. It takes some effort to rinse it off but it is worth it. I don't feel any urgency to dab on a moisturizer after face wash as it does not stretch or dry my skin. My skin stays oil free for nearly 2 hours after washing. It is pretty affordable which makes it the best face wash for daily use.

Pros Of Clean & Clear Foaming Facial Face Wash:
  • Best for oily skin type as it controls oil secretion for nearly 2 hours
  • Travel friendly and affordable
  • Pleasant smell and lathers well
  • Only small quantity is required for face wash
  • See through which helps you know the quantity of product left
  • Has reduced the frequency of zits on my face
  • Cleans the face well removing oil and dirt
  • Refreshes skin and doesn't stretch it

Cons Of Clean & Clear Foaming Facial Face Wash:
  • Can't think of any except that you need good amount of water to rinse it off completely

Diva Likes Rating:


Final note:

Clean & Clear Foaming Facial Face Wash is an affordable and ideal face wash for daily use. Thumbs up to this one!

Contributed By: Apoorva Dhuper


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  1. I have used the pink version of this range and liked it..Nice review dear :)

  2. I haven't used this Apoorva....but looks like worth a try!

  3. Radhika, ya.. I know you are talking about morning energy berry version..Oh..I love it totally!! Such a heady mix of berries it is..smells like heaven.

  4. try is a decent oroduct :)

  5. Would love to use this seeing the rating! Nicely reviewed:)

  6. I had used it too dear and loved it!!! Its amazing for combination to oily skin. :)

  7. Thank you Garime :) go ahead and pick it without seconds thoughts.


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