Aboard The Allegro: A Russian Rail Journey Worth Remembering

Allegro is a superfast train that travels between Helsinki and St Petersburg. Since 2010, this train covers this staggering distance in les...

Allegro is a superfast train that travels between Helsinki and St Petersburg. Since 2010, this train covers this staggering distance in less than four hours and it is planned that the train timing will be brought down to around three hours. This journey is once in a lifetime opportunity for the passenger aboard to travel through the picturesque landscapes of the Baltic scenery.

Russian Rail

The Allegro train is operated in a joint venture between the Finnish Government and the Russian Government. Each compartment of the train has an individual engine and the combined power of all the compartments make it go that fast which is considered an unusual technology.
The train is a nonstop train between Helsinki and St Petersburg and it stops in between only to let passengers in. The train reaches a top speed of 220 km/ hr and the stops it has are in Vyborg on the Russian side to let passengers on. However, deboarding from the train is not allowed. Officers are present on the train who check your passport and let you pass through into the countries.

There are two classes of this tickets available for this train. One is the first class and the other being the economy class. The first class provides for a very comfortable and a very luxurious journey. The economy class is also very impressive and many people also travel on this. There are two seats in each row and four across each table. The passenger needs to specify where they want to sit before boarding. Wi-Fi is available on the train throughout the train journey.

The food available on the train is immaculate and there is present a five-star restaurant onboard which serves a variety of cuisines from the Baltic region. The train has its own collection of officers who check on the passports of the passengers and make it easy for the passenger to get their immigration done. The train is also adorned with an area which has a children's playroom and it is strictly restricted to children aboard the train.

The inaugural train was flagged off by dignitaries of both the countries. The first train of this route was inaugurated by the Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin and the Finnish president Tarja Halonen.

This train is a marvel of engineering and is often hailed as a milestone in the mutual relationship between these two countries of Finland and Russia. The meaning of Allegro in Italian is fast and indeed this train is fast in its nature. It traverses through a large landscape in no time at all and is a great boon for people in this region who travel regularly through this region and cuts down international travel between Helsinki and St Petersburg to almost three and a half hours.

This engineering marvel is constantly trying to improve and it is an experience of a lifetime to travel in this train. So if you are ever planning a trip on this route availing the Allegro is a very lucrative option.

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