Make Learning To Count Fun For Your Child With EverEarth Abacus

Kids have a short attention span. Sometimes when you are trying to teach them things, it gets difficult to get them to concentrate. If you ...

Kids have a short attention span. Sometimes when you are trying to teach them things, it gets difficult to get them to concentrate. If you are facing such a problem with your child, then it's time to make things interesting! Aakarsh is now two and a half years old. He is able to recite the alphabets and numbers (1-10), recognizes colors and shapes as well. It is an exciting phase for him and us. Now that he is well versed with 1-10 numbers, I wanted to introduce Abacus. There are many well-known brands in the market which sell Abacus. This time I was keen on getting EverEarth products as the brand strives to give back and take less from our planet by taking steps to recycle whenever possible, repurposing waste product such as sawdust, utilizing solar energy in production processes, and more. It is a great way to teach children about the environmental well-being and hence we present to you EverEarth Abacus.

EverEarth Abacus

EverEarth Abacus is a perfect way to make learning to count fun. I love how bright and colorful it is. Aakarsh loves the colors too and enjoys his playtime with Abacus. It is made of high-quality beech and fully tested to European standards. That makes it safe and durable for kids to play with and that is something I look forward to in every toy I buy for my son. EverEarth Abacus is perfect for kids aged 3+ years and is priced at $24.99. You can find the EverEarth Abacus here.

EverEarth Abacus Review

EverEarth Abacus helps keep kid's attention and build concentration whilst sliding them from side to side is a fun twist on learning to count. You can teach kids patterns, colors, numbers, counting, addition and subtraction using Abacus. It has amazing educational features which help improve thinking skills and creates simple challenges for kids. It also teaches grasping and holding skills which leads to success in school and beyond. This all-in-one product is the perfect way to work on your child's mathematical skills.

EverEarth Abacus

EverEarth Abacus

The main motive of EverEarth program is to reduce carbon footprint and that is shown in the way they produce toys. In addition to producing wonderful toys, EverEarth also has the "Plant A Tree" campaign. You can participate in the forest expansion by having a personal tree planted everytime you buy an EverEarth toy. So go ahead and please your kids with these amazing wooden toys and contribute towards the environment.


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