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"This is a sponsored post in partnership with BraVoMark and SafetyPin Technologies." My days are super busy most of the times a...

"This is a sponsored post in partnership with BraVoMark and SafetyPin Technologies."

My days are super busy most of the times as managing a naughty toddler and working from home is not an easy job. It's true when they say that these days moms need a village more than ever! To keep things going and ease my daily routine, I take the help of internet and apps for the extra set of hands - such as the plumber, housekeeper, gardener etc. It's hard to trust someone I never met especially when it comes to my family. So when I got to know about SafetyPIN, I was more than happy. Let's take a look at what SafetyPIN is!


SafetyPIN is a virtual trust badge for the internet economy (for the sharing and gig economies). Anytime you are taking an online relationship offline such as babysitting, housekeeping, dog walking etc. SafetyPIN does a comprehensive background and behavioral screening before awarding anyone with it. The 4-pronged screening includes criminal background, financial background, identity verification and behavioral screening. The behavioral questionnaire developed with criminal profilers and a clinical psychologist to weed out people who may present a danger (even if they don’t have a criminal record). So if someone has a SafetyPIN, be confident and know that you can trust them in your home and around your kids. Below is the sample of SafetyPIN:


Whoever holds a SafetyPIN is regularly rescreened and SafetyPIN is revoked if they no longer meet requirements. All personal data is encrypted and follows best practices for security. Private information is never shared with other parties. SafetyPIN is definitely the best way to know someone you met online is safe to meet offline. Now that you know the benefits of having a SafetyPIN, demand one so you know you can trust them, provide a SafetyPIN so they know they can trust you.

SafetyPIN Technologies

If you want anyone to apply and pay for themselves, just send this link: If you want to pay for a SafetyPIN for your babysitter, nanny, or someone else, go to and register (if you’re already a member, login). Once you’re signed in, choose “Vouchers” from the drop-down menu and follow the prompts. Enter their information and your payment information and SafetyPIN will take care of the rest! (You can pay for just the application fee or you can cover their membership for as long as you choose.) Apply today and your application fee is only $1 and $6 for the first 6 months. It is less than $5/month after that. You can cancel membership at any time.

SafetyPIN is right now available in US and applications are mostly approved within 24 hours. So next time you hire someone online, make sure they get the SafetyPIN as it is is the fast track to trust, like “TSA trusted traveler” for your home.


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