Developmental Milestones For 5-Month-Old Baby

Hello gorgeous mothers. Hope you are enjoying your motherhood. Your baby is growing up little by little and you are every bit responsible fo...

Hello gorgeous mothers. Hope you are enjoying your motherhood. Your baby is growing up little by little and you are every bit responsible for their happy and comfortable life right now. The sleepless nights are getting better and the cute cooing is all you wait to hear while your baby naps away to glory. At 5 months there are lots of lovely things to look forward to. Want to know them? Keep reading.

Developmental Milestones

Most Prominent Aspects

At 5 months, in addition to love and care, your baby will require constant supervision. Why? It is because by this time your baby will try to put everything straight into the mouth. It will coo, cry, drool, and want to put their fingers, toys, pens, keys, vegetables, dirt, and even poop into the mouth. You have to be vigilant about what goes near the mouth to prevent any choking hazard.

Skills and Physical Development

Improved sense of taste: By the time your tiny bundle turns 5 months, the nerve endings in the mouth are all fully activated. Interesting thing is that there are more nerve endings inside a human mouth than any other parts of its body. There’s little wonder then why your chubby cherub puts everything in its mouth.

Enhanced vision: Your baby can see pretty well by this time. It can focus on smaller objects as well and has a developed sense of moving objects. It is fun to watch babies trying to catch hold of hanging toys with their tiny hands. You will now find your baby attracted to your earring and anything flashy you wear. Buttons are also a hot favorite with 5-month-olds.

A desire to sit: With the muscles gaining more and more strength now, your baby will try to sit up, though more often than not she will topple face down. Prop cushions up to give the little backs the support they need to sit. Hold her arms and try to make her sit if she wants to. This will encourage her to master the art of sitting quicker.

Making funny noises: This is a fun time to watch babies blowing bubbles with their drool. Forcing the air with the tongue out not only makes their face look funny but the noises they make will make you giggle. If your baby enjoys making a squeaking or gurgling sound, she will keep repeating it while you enjoy the show.

Cognitive Development

The existence of object even when it is out of sight: Your baby is developing a sense of permanence of objects. When you take a bright red ball and throw it up, babies will follow the moving object. If you hide it behind you, they will now try to look for it because they now understand that the object is there even though they cannot see it.

Developmental Milestones For 5-Month-Old Baby

Social and Emotional Development

Learning to reciprocate: All this while you were cuddling your little one with love, but now your gestures of affection will be rewarded with a tiny hug. It is probably not a full fledge hug, but you will feel the little pudgy hands of your baby trying to hold you. She will try to open her arms when you want to lift her up.

Stranger anxiety: Some babies grow attached to their caregivers and when someone else tries to hold them, they may break into cries and wails. Babies begin to feel safe in their mother’s arms and when they sense that they are being carried away from her, stranger anxiety may set in.

Involvement Of Parents

Peek-a-boo: This is a great time to introduce the game of peek-a-boo to your baby. Hide your face behind a blanket and then show your face shouting peek a boo. Your baby will love it!

Swaddle while sleeping: Swaddle your baby in a cozy wrap and slowly swing her when she is sleepy or even otherwise. This will enhance her sense of balance and make her feel stable when she is on the ground.

Toy passing: Want your bonny baby to learn the use of hands? You can help her with the toy passing activity. Place a fluffy toy in one of her hands and then take it and put it in her other hand. Repeat this a few times and soon your munchkin will learn to pass the toy from one hand to another.

By the 5th month, babies become receptive towards your love. Cuddle your baby and give her your warmth. Watch her achieve the little developmental milestones and keep encouraging her to move on. However, always remember not to hurry babies. They will learn to do things at their own pace.


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