Health Practices After A Liver Transplant

A healthy lifestyle is a key to the healthy body even if you have undergone a serious surgical treatment like a liver transplant. Many peopl...

A healthy lifestyle is a key to the healthy body even if you have undergone a serious surgical treatment like a liver transplant. Many people who go through a liver transplant tend to live full active lives if they follow healthy practices and take good care of their liver.
If you or any of your loved one also had a successful liver transplant, then read these health practices that must be followed after a liver transplant to ensure a salubrious future:

Liver Transplant

Healthy Diet

The patient should balance a healthy diet rich in protein. However, they should avoid raw food and salad or use them only after washing with vinegar. Intake of safe water is also a big necessity. By consuming a healthy diet, you can maintain your body weight which is quite important in the recovery of the liver. For more information about the diet, the patients can also consult a dietitian and follow their advice.

Avoid Alcohol

The patients must abstain from alcohol if their liver has suffered damages due to it. Otherwise, they may take moderate quantity in some cases, but they should always seek advice from their liver transplant surgeon before taking this step. Smoking is prohibited and so is tobacco.


To keep a tab on weight gain and ensure a proper functioning of the body, patients should also exercise regularly. However, they should not lift weights more than 5 kg or do abdominal exercise including swimming within three months of surgery. Yoga and meditation may prove beneficial. The patients can also consult transplant physiotherapists to manage the exercise schedule.


Another important health practice is to follow a hygienic lifestyle. The family of the patients should keep the house and its surroundings clean and well-ventilated. Hygiene in the culinary practices should also be maintained. Apart from this, if there are any pets in the home, family members should keep them away from the patients to reduce the chances of any possible infection that can affect the recovery process. Following practices such as daily shower, separate towels, hand washing, and wearing a mask before going to crowded places are again a significant part of the post-transplant health care.

Routine Checkups

To ensure a proper recovery, the patients should follow the timelines of regular check-ups that help the doctors in monitoring the progress after a liver transplant. During these appointments, the doctors will take various tests to assess the functioning of the body and will give you advice on further medical measures.

Proper Medications

This is an inevitable health practice that can heal the wound effectively and make the liver function well. Hence, the patients should never miss any prescribed medicine and take them on time.


Females who go through a liver transplant are advised to avoid pregnancy for at least 2 years. They can, however, take part in sexual activities once they feel physically and mentally healthy. In case they get pregnant, they should inform their doctor as the medicine they take for liver recovery can be a potential threat to the baby.


As far as traveling is concerned, the patients should again consult their liver transplant surgeon and take sufficient precautions on their trips. On their journey, they should carry all their medicines and health documents. In daily routine, the patients should refrain from driving for at least two months and should consult their doctor before taking up driving again.

Remember, without a successful post-transplantation care; a patient can never have a healthy recovery even if he/she gets the liver transplant done from the best liver transplant surgeon in India from hospitals like Max Healthcare. A new liver is like a new life; hence the patients must follow these healthy measures to make it better and fit for future.

Senior Consultant - Max Centre for Liver & Biliary Sciences
Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket

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