A Quick Guide To Moving In Together

This is a sponsored post. All the opinions belong to the contributor. You know it is time to take a huge leap of faith when you and your ...

This is a sponsored post. All the opinions belong to the contributor.

You know it is time to take a huge leap of faith when you and your partner decide to move in together. It is time to take your relationship to a new level and that can be both exciting and confusing. It is a huge milestone as starting a family or finally realizing that now you are not alone and your partner is a big part of your life which is a large responsibility and reality to accept. When this reality hits you, it gets tough to think straight. You are getting the excitement thrills but at the same time, you must sort a lot of things. Moving in with your partner is tougher than moving to a new place on your very own. You must share your personal space with someone and that too forever.

Moving In Together

Movers are going to help you in packing and moving in with your partner in ease. With a lot of changes going on in your life, your thoughts are all confused. So here are some simple and practical tips to make your moving process stress free and easier. If you are not hiring a proper moving company then you will have to take control of your enthusiasm and stay focused on the important things so that managing everything becomes easier. So, let's get started with this quick guide on how moving in together can be easy and quick for you and your partner, without going bonkers.

1. Talk it out with your partner

Talking about the specifics is important before you move in. It is certainly amazing to move in together but you need to keep the eagerness aside and talk about how you will make it work. Don't save the major talk for the last moment. Moving in together means that the other person's apartment is now both of yours. So, the person himself and the partner need to make a proper comfort zone, considering that none of the 2 feel odd. So, making it feel like home for the other person too is a huge responsibility.

Therefore, before you ring the bell of your partner's apartment, with the movers holding your endless stuff; it is better to talk it out with your partner. Talk about space utilization and how much furniture shall you bring along. Also, discuss the private space that you will be getting to keep all your personal and close belongings in. This will make it easier to decipher the stuff for you.

2. Redecoration

No matter how spacious the apartment or home might be, it will demand a proper redecoration. The rooms are according to your partner's choice but when you are invited to move in, you will have to make some changes on your own too. If you want your partner to feel that your house is equally hers too, then you need to give a separate room to her too. This is important because you don't want to lose all the charm suddenly. Moreover, a separate room will give her space to focus on herself or study or work there and even keep her belongings in it. If you intend to hire movers then the task will be easier for you as they will unpack and arrange everything for you, along with you. However, if you are planning to do all on your own, it is best to sort some things out before your partner arrives. Make space for her stuff and boxes and keep a separate space ready for her to redecorate on her own. Remember that you must make her feel warm and welcomed.

3. Inspection

Before you move to your partner's home or you are the one who has decided to make your partner move in with you; inspecting your stuff is important. This is more important for the person who is moving. As you have had your very own space for a long time, discarding things is going to get tough. You will feel a little nostalgic while you are demanded to throw away things that are not needed by you. Likewise, ask your guy to discard things that he does not want in his apartment so space management can be done better.

Divide your items into sections. Know which things you should keep, which can be sold off for really good prices and which are supposed to be dumped for good. It is always a good idea to sell things too as you will get top up money which can help you in hiring good movers or can simply allow you to buy something for yourself too. You can also ask your partner to come over and help you in packing your things and helping you decide which can be sold off and which you can move to his place easily. Working together will help you a lot as your partner will tell you if he does not have enough space to move in big furniture. You can sell that off for good too and keep the money with yourself. However, make sure that he has enough furniture for you too otherwise you can sell the big one and compact pieces. Just make sure that you know which things you really want to keep and you must deliver it free to your partner.

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4. Is it a new place or his place?

Usually, guys ask girls to move in their place, which is small. It is so compact that it gets hard for two people to manage to live in it freely. Thus, the relationship gets hard to manage and the happiness soon dies off. The best thing to do is to decide whether the two of you need a new place or the existing one is big enough for you two. If you are moving in together, it is important to have two room apartments. This allows you both to have some space which is the key to success for every relationship.

Discuss it with your partner! Count your possessions and know what you are going to keep. Make your partner inspect them and then see how they will fit in his house. If you hire movers then they will be able to tell you everything and see whether your stuff is going to fit into the new place or not. If you are doing it on your own then being extremely practical is going to be great. Stop romanticizing everything and speculating that you will somehow manage. Be a realist and know what needs to be done. If you both have decided to move to a new place in all then it is good to manage your furniture and minimize the load altogether.

5. Relationship Changes

Okay, so it is important to realize and accept the fact that your relationship will change. The urge to see each other or hug one another will soon minimize because you two are now living together. If you understand this and give proper space to your partner, instead of clinging to him or her all the time, you will be able to make it. As moving in together is already stressful, don't allow it to get the better of you. Make sure that you give your partner space and take yours whenever you need it. Therefore, it is important to have a separate room for yourself too. You can doze off in it whenever you are not in a mood of sleeping together and just blame it on the workload (wicked smiles).

Moving together is not a small thing. It is somehow more stressing than simply moving into a new home, on your very own. Managing or moreover sharing a space with your partner might seem like a lovely idea but thinking rationally about it is also very essential. Don't think that it is going to be easy and hire a mover if possible as they will let you know about the details and help you in managing everything just fine.

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