The Massive Benefit Of Implementing OCR Technology In Your Business

Are you tired of paperwork being lost or misplaced? Does your business rely on the accurate flow of external data into your business operati...

Are you tired of paperwork being lost or misplaced? Does your business rely on the accurate flow of external data into your business operations? Then your organization could benefit from implementing an OCR solution to your processes.

OCR scans all incoming emails and other communications, categorizing the document according to keywords and then indexing it in your DMS (Document Management System). OCR technology can tell the difference between the background and characters, font, graphs, images, and charts. OCR will clean up any poor quality images and restore them to a clearly visible image before re-introducing them to the document and filing it in the DMS.

OCR Technology

OCR can be used to scan and file outgoing documents as well, you can create PDFs full of complex data and then compress them for easy emailing. With PDFs the compressions quality can be reduced or increased from 8:1 to 2:1, once it is ready the document will be a minimal size and can be opened without the need for compression software.

OCR technology was first developed in the 1990's and over the course of the last decade, OCR has become more frequently adopted as more companies turn to the internet to optimize their business systems. OCR takes the pain out of document management by securely storing your documents automatically, making them immediately accessible to anyone in the organization.

Cut your business overheads by reducing the amount you spend on physical document storage and management. OCR allows you to optimize this part of your business and improve productivity by providing your employees with more time to complete other urgent projects or tasks.

Make the transition from physical to virtual document with OCR and join thousands of businesses around the globe that use this technology to improve their business operations. Here are some interesting features of an OCR system and what it can do for your company to improve your business systems.

  • Put an end to document misplacement and loss.
  • Move documents into your workflow with a simple click.
  • Reduce overheads relating to document storage and handling.
  • Eliminate manual document sorting.
  • Increase document accuracy and security.
  • Increase customer service levels by keeping your client data accessible to team members at all times.
  • As your business grows, so will your need for a customized OCR solution.

Do these features sound like something that your business could use to improve efficiencies and productivity? OCR has a lot more to offer your business, here are three other examples of how OCR technology can give your business a boost into the digital age.

Automation of Mailrooms

Mailrooms have an incredibly important function in business, especially in large corporates. OCR can be used in the mailroom to scan incoming mail, categorize it and then index it on your Document Management System where it can be immediately accessed by employees. Mailroom applications can completely replace the need for a mailroom staff and reduce your overheads dramatically while improving sorting efficiency.

The Power of the Cloud

Cloud technology has revolutionized document storage. There is no longer a need for a filing room and a filing clerk. You will no longer have to endure downtime while you are finding documents. With the cloud, all of your documents and data is stored electronically, meaning that there is no chance of incurring loss or misplacement of documents by employees. With the cloud, you can update documents in real time and notify your team of any important changes they need to be aware of.

Create Automatic Forms For Your Company

Use OCR to create and fill in online forms, then send them directly to your DMS where they can be categorized, indexed and made available to the team. Create invoices, statements and send them directly to your client over email. PDF technology is easily incorporated into an OCR system and together they give you a complete document solution that can be used on any mobile device.

Choose to use OCR in your business and benefit from all of these features. OCR has changed the way data is transferred and handled in large or small companies. Take the next step into the future of business administration and document management with a customized OCR solution for your business.

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