6 Super Exercises For Achieving That Perfect Inner Thigh Gap

Are you interested in achieving lean legs for obtaining that perfect lean thigh gap? We all love to see supermodels having that inner thigh ...

Are you interested in achieving lean legs for obtaining that perfect lean thigh gap? We all love to see supermodels having that inner thigh gap which they readily flaunt in their bikini or other leg-revealing outfits. But we are often left wondering that it is probably impossible for us to achieve that supermodel-kind of feeling. You will be rather surprised to note that there are few exercises that you can perform to keep your legs toned and lean. Let's check out some such exercises that you can opt for.

Exercises For Perfect Inner Thigh Gap

#1: Plie squats or sumo squats

Place your feet wider than the width of your shoulder and your toes should be pointing out straight. Bring forward your hands and then lower your body into a squat. Try to go as low as you can and keep your knee just above your toes. Ensure pushing up from your entire foot. Don't round up your shoulders and keep your back straight and also your core should be kept tight. While contracting muscles, always exhale and inhale as you move down. Do as many reps as you can in 1 minute. Before doing this, you should first learn how to do a plie squat.

#2: Sumo or plie pulses

Bend down your legs until you find yourself in the position of a squat. Once you're there, pulse up and down for 30 seconds. You may find that burning and stretching feeling right down there but this is a good way of burning inner thigh fat.

#3: Single lateral leg hops

You can keep an object as a marker and imagine that you're jumping over it. Stand on one leg and jump left and right with the slightly-bent knee. Start hopping back and forth 10 times minimum with each leg. Start off with a narrow distance but when your knees get stronger, widen it up. This will become a new challenge.

#4: Bridge raise

This is one of the best exercises for your butt, your inner thigh, and your glutes. Lay down your back on the floor, bend your leg and keep the knees together but your feet should be separate. Lift your hip and then lower them. As you go up and down, make sure you squeeze your knees and you should be able to feel the tension throughout the exercise.

#5: Inner thigh lifts

Lie down on the floor on your side, extend the bottom leg and bring your top leg over it. You can either rest your head on your arm or prop your head up. Start off by lifting the bottom leg upward as this keeps the tension in your inner thigh. Your upper body should remain still while you do this.

#6: Raised bridge pulses

In a similar lying position as your bridge raises, lift your hip with the pillow in between your knees. Then slowly squeeze the pillow between your knees for 20 times. Then relax your back by lowering down your pelvis.

So, now that you know the exercises that you can perform to achieve that perfect gap between your thighs, what are you waiting for? Get started now!

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