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Women go through 'that time of the month' with a lot of struggle but we never complain or fuss and carry out our duties and responsi...

Women go through 'that time of the month' with a lot of struggle but we never complain or fuss and carry out our duties and responsibilities. We believe having a period is definitely not an excuse to lag behind. However, the struggle of heavy days with humid climate is surely a challenge.
How about I tell that you can have a 'soft' and 'comfort' feel during these times and experience a little solace and soothing time? Well, it sounds too good to be true but the launch of the New Whisper Ultra Soft (2x softer large) is here make you feel comfortable in your skin while absorbing wetness hour after hour. The latest launch of Whisper is here and its time to show yourself some love.

New Whisper Ultra Soft

About New Whisper Ultra Soft:

With the Whisper Ultra Soft Large sanitary pads, your skin gets all the pampering it needs and you get all the confidence you deserve!
• Soft Cottony Top sheet – gentle on skin.
• Super Absorbent Core - absorbs at the center.
• Nearly 20% longer (284mm), helps provide more coverage.
• It locks 100% wetness.
• Gives extra coverage with long-lasting protection.

New Whisper Ultra Soft

New Whisper Ultra Soft

Pricing & Availability:

New Whisper Ultra Soft (pack of 7 pads) priced at 64 INR is now available in all leading stores.

Directions For Use:

New Whisper Ultra Soft

Why Choose New Whisper Ultra Soft?

Whisper is one of the renowned brands for Feminine Care, known to make some really good sanitary pads. It offers an extensive range of sanitary napkins to suit every girl or woman's needs and the Whisper Ultra Soft one is surely going to make you feel comfortable.

The social paradigm of conversations about Female Health and Hygiene in India is growing day by day, breaking all myths and taboos and this has helped to improve the confidence of every young girl. One of the USP of the launch of 'Whisper Ultra Soft' is providing a soft and comfort level to those hectic, heavy days. The pads are thin yet absorbent and won't make you feel uncomfortable at all.

The brand, Whisper, believes that every woman has the full potential to strive and achieve in life and she must always be comfortable in her skin. With this thought, the launch of 'Whisper Ultra Soft' offers an array of characteristics that is surely going to empower the women. The sanitary pads should be efficient and comfortable and must feel like a second skin. This newest launch ensures the softness and comfort throughout the day while it absorbs wetness every passing hour.
I believe the brand has an excellent message to convey through this. Women shouldn't hold themselves back at any point in their lives from achieving their dreams - be it a regular day or those five days of the month. This is the only way they can achieve every dream and fulfill the ambitions.

New Whisper Ultra Soft

Whisper Sanitary Pads

The New Whisper Ultra Soft sanitary pads provide a long lasting period protection. It encases a series of features like never before and locks up to 100% wetness and even locks odor. The wings ensure to keep the comfort level high and prevent staining of your pretty clothes. Most of the time the climate in India is hot and humid and it becomes really challenging to make it through the day. The skin down there, for every woman, is highly sensitive and prone to redness, itching, and rashes. The upper layer of the new sanitary pads is crafted with a cotton top sheet that feels gentle and tender to the skin. These cushiony fibers are extended to the wings, preventing rashes and redness.
The pads are also 20% longer (284mm) which would give you a better coverage. There is a Super Absorbent Core which helps to absorb better during the heavy flow days. It also features soft pores that drive liquid to the core and lock it away. Thus, you will get extra coverage with long-lasting protection along with the love of softness and comfort. Overall, you get the most comfortable period experience.

One of the best things it features is that the sanitary pads are breathable. The tightly knit nylon pads are a nightmare to me and thus the soft, cotton and cushiony surface allow my skin to be fresh and soft. The pads are thin as well but you won't have to change every hour at all.

Personal Experience With New Whisper Ultra Soft:

Whisper Ultra Soft

College programs are fun but when you are going through your dreadful period days, it is not that fun for you. My college picnic was on that very day and since this is the last year of the whole 5 years, I wouldn't miss it for the world. I tried out the New Whisper Ultra Soft Large sanitary pads which served me really well for a long time. The first and foremost thing I noticed is that the pads are extremely comfortable to wear and they really deliver what they promise. I hate anything uncomfortable down there in those days and since this pad has a soft cotton cover on top, it makes it very easy to wear. I was so busy and even with the heavy flow, the pad lasted me for a very long time. The wings are equally good and protect from staining the clothes. Since I couldn't change for a long time, I was afraid that my clothes will be stained due to the overflow. But to my utter surprise, nothing like that happened. Also, it was pretty hot out there and my skin often breaks out into rashes and redness once I reach home. With the New Whisper Ultra Soft, I experienced no rashes, itchiness, and redness at all. Thus, I believe I can face any hardship without worrying much about it.

New Whisper Ultra Soft

It is time to experience all the love, softness and comfort during your periods and making every day count while fulfilling your dreams with New Whisper Ultra Soft.


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  1. I have recenty started using this and this is life. Very soft, amazing fragrance and yes ..lasts a long time. Good review salomi!


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