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Hello, mommies. Welcome to yet another lovely week of your pregnancy. You are progressing really well and your baby is completely at peace i...

Hello, mommies. Welcome to yet another lovely week of your pregnancy. You are progressing really well and your baby is completely at peace in your climate-controlled womb. You are giving it all the nutrition that is required for a healthy growth and your baby's punches and kicks are getting stronger and more frequent. Working out may seem like a mammoth task now as your belly is getting ahead of you. In fact, a short walk or climb up a flight of stairs is enough workout for a day. As your fatigue increases, you may need more rest than ever before. But internally your body is in full swing and your baby is also completing one developmental stage after another. Keep reading to know about your baby and body this week.

25 Weeks Pregnant

Baby Development 

Visible hair color (if it has any hair!) 

Some babies are born with a head full of hair, while some come out bald. But by this week, the hair color becomes visible. In fact, the texture of the hair can also be assessed through a scan. 

Response to mother's voice 

This is an amazing experience when your baby is able to hear and recognize your voice. If you have been singing or telling a particular thing to your baby on a regular basis, your baby may respond to your calling with a little kick. However, not all babies do it. Don't blame your little one for not reacting. Its hearing is quite mature now and it can hear you perfectly. But maybe it's just not in the mood to respond right now! 

Getting rid of its wrinkly skin 

The lean little baby is developing fat tissues and is gaining weight quite quickly. The fat deposit underneath its skin is making it plumper and its skin is losing its wrinkly appearance. 

Pink skin 

An ultrasound scan will show that your baby's skin is turning pinkish. This is because capillaries or small blood vessels are developing beneath the skin and blood is filling in them. 

Lungs are developing for breathing 

By the end of week 25, your baby's lungs will have blood vessels in them preparing the lungs to breathe in oxygen once it is out of your womb. However, this week and the next couple of weeks will be about developing the lungs and making them stronger. 

Open nostrils 

Along with the lungs, the nostrils are also getting ready to assist your little one in breathing successfully once it is born. For so long, the nostrils of your baby were plugged. From this week on they will begin to open up. Opening up of the nostril will help your baby practice the breathing process of inhaling and exhaling air, although for now it will only be taking in and giving out the amniotic fluid in your womb instead of any air. 

Length and weight of your little one 

Your tiny tot is now almost 13 inches long, or a little more than a whole inch! It is over one and a half pound heavy. The size of your baby is now comparable to a large cauliflower. It is growing rapidly and will soon become bigger and heavier.

25 Weeks Pregnant Baby Size

Body Changes & Common Symptoms 

Painful hemorrhoids: Almost 50% of pregnant women go through painful hemorrhoids at this stage of their pregnancy. If you are lucky, you will duck this, but if not you may experience itchy varicose veins in the rectum that may take away the pleasure of pregnancy at this phase. The soccer ball sized uterus and an increased blood flow creates pressure on your rectum region causing the veins to swell up. It is not a harmful condition but can be painful and troublesome for the soon-to-be-mommy. 

Increased constipation: It is for similar reasons as mentioned above, you can feel constipated and have trouble passing the motion. A wise advice is to take in plenty of fibrous food and increase water consumption to make things a little less difficult. Kegel exercises can also help in easing your motion. Speak to your practitioner for professional guidance to find relief. 

The risk of gingivitis: By this time, it becomes important to take extra care of your oral health as an unhealthy mouth and teeth can affect your baby adversely. Regular brushing and flossing will keep oral problems at bay. If you notice red inflamed gums that are prone to bleeding when you brush, you may have gingivitis. Get it treated immediately or else it may lead to periodontitis, a more serious gum infection. 

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction: Pain in the pelvic area is very common during this time of your pregnancy. The ligaments that keep your pelvic joints in line tend to stretch and tear because of the pressure created by your uterus. This results in Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction commonly referred to as SPD pain. If the pain gets out of hand, you may need a physical therapist to help you reduce the pain. 

Health Tips 

  • Oral hygiene is a must: As discussed in the previous section, it is very important to maintain oral health and hygiene because what you put in your mouth will affect your growing baby. Make sure to brush twice a day and floss properly to get rid of the little food particles from your teeth. Check with your dentist if you notice any kind of inflammation or bleeding in your gums. 
  • Check for iron deficiency: Pregnant women may often feel a certain discomfort or restlessness in their legs that may have an impact on their quality of sleep. It may also affect their day to day lives as the tingling sensation may become quite severe at times. This restless leg syndrome can be because of iron deficiency in your body. Check for the iron level in your system and take the necessary supplements required, after consulting with your practitioner.
    Wrist braces to find relief from 
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: If you experience pain in your wrists and fingers, chances are you are having the Carpal tunnel syndrome. A good way to alleviate the pain is to put on wrist braces. It will reduce the swelling in your wrists, and helps reduce the pain or tingling in your limbs. 

As some discomforts have found their way to your body in the last couple of weeks, you may feel irritated and distressed as you did during the first trimester. But the good news is that all these are positive symptoms of a growing baby and a bigger womb. Another few weeks and all this will come to an end and you will have a tiny baby taking up all your time and energy. 

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