Pregnancy Week By Week : 7 Weeks Pregnant - What To Expect

Hola mommies! Hope you are coping with the pregnancy changes and symptoms and have taken them in your stride. Get all the pampering you need...

Hola mommies! Hope you are coping with the pregnancy changes and symptoms and have taken them in your stride. Get all the pampering you need, because in some months you won't have time for yourself. You baby is now 10,000 times bigger since its conception. Seems quite big, right? If you want to know how big it really is and the changes happening to you and your little one, keep reading.

7 Weeks Pregnant

Baby Development

If you think you already have a full grown baby inside you in a miniature form, you are in for a surprise. Your baby still has a long way to go to develop its human form. To find out what it looks like right now, read on.

Head is taking shape: New brain cells are being produced at a crazy speed (about 100 cells per minute). Most of your baby's growth during the 7th week takes place. The head is beginning to take shape so that in the next scan you will be able to see a rounded head that is distinguishable from the rest of the body.

Development of limbs: The stumps for the limbs are finally sprouting to develop into hands and feet. The knee, legs, arms and shoulder sections are slowly coming into prominence but are still in their rudimentary phase.

Mouth and tongue: Finally the mouth cavity is coming into focus and a little tongue is developing inside the mouth.

Kidney functioning: The two kidneys have almost developed now and will soon begin their work of clearing waste from the tiny body of your baby.

Eye development: Though not too much is happening here as yet, the eye lens and the retina have taken their positions and have attached themselves to the developing eye.

Other body parts: The liver has almost formed and is about to produce red blood cells. The vital organs, muscles, and bones are developing quickly to give a skeletal structure to the growing baby. There is a steady development of the intestines and the appendix too.

The size of your baby: Your baby has been growing very fast in the last few days and is now approximately the size of a blueberry! It is almost 13 mm in length. Yes, you may feel the number is too small, but it has grown to a great extent from it zygotic stage.

7 Weeks Pregnant Baby Size

Body Changes & Common Symptoms

Are you feeling fat already? During the 7th week of your pregnancy, bloating can cause the feeling of gaining massive weight, although you may have gained just a few pounds in reality. You may have to look at online fashion stores or make a trip to your favorite clothes outlet to buy new pairs of pants and tops that are a size or two larger. So if you are concerned about what your body is experiencing at this stage, read the points below.

Food craving

This is the time when most women have peculiar food cravings. You may have never looked at a particular kind of food in the past, but now that is all you want to gorge on. Give in to your cravings because you never know how long it will last and then suddenly one day you may grow an aversion towards it. Such is the deal in pregnancy!

Confusing food aversions

If you have been an enthusiastic foodie who loves her grill chicken or steaks, it will be shocking for you to realize that the very thought of such a dish is making you throw up. You may grow fond of bland rice and boiled potatoes. These confusing symptoms are signs that you are progressing well with your pregnancy and all your hormones are pretty much in place. These changes in your preferences are happening because of the hormonal changes in your body and unless you are extremely lucky, this will continue at least until the end of your first trimester.

Darker areola

The area around your nipple is called the areola and this portion is generally darker than your breast. But during the 7th week of your pregnancy, you will notice a marked change in that area. It would have grown several shades darker than usual and the color will deepen and the area will grow larger in the coming months. These changes occur because your body is preparing your mammary glands to nourish the newborn through breastfeeding.

Development of the mucous plug

At this stage, your uterus needs to be sealed for the protection of the baby. Therefore, the cervix begins to create a mucous plug in the cervical canal opening to clog the uterus. Once the baby is due, the plug will naturally open up for the birthing process.

Increase in breast size

If your breasts were feeling tender till last week, this week will witness a growth spurt and you may end up with an increased cup size. Estrogen and progesterone build up in your breasts cause this swelling in addition to the increased blood flow in the area.

Health Tips

With fatigue and nausea following you all day long, you may feel a sense of frustration and irritability. The excessive secretion of saliva in your mouth may also cause difficulties, especially in a social set up. Give yourself some time and try to be close to people who can provide you with comfort or a support system. Here are the health tips to look out for during this week:

  • Visit your gynecologist for your first prenatal checkup. Keep your pregnancy and baby related questions ready and also prepare to answer certain specific questions such as your LMP date, medical history, medicine allergies and so on.
  • Make sure you are taking your supplements regularly as your baby's growth is dependent on whether you are giving it all the necessary nutrients required at this stage.
  • This is a crucial time for your baby as it is still growing its nervous system and vital organs. So any injury or accident can interfere with its healthy growth. So you have to take extra caution, especially when you are out of the home, climbing stairs or bending to lift objects. Sudden jerks and pressure can affect your little one.
  • Drink plenty of fluids to manage your heartburn and acid reflux as these will be your constant companions for the next few months. Try to have an early dinner and avoid too much spice in your food as it may aggravate the situation.
  • Have lemon candies or sugar-free gums handy to control the drooling in your mouth due to excess saliva secretions.

You are already getting used to being pregnant and that means you have made certain lifestyle changes to ensure your baby's health and safety. The next few months may trouble you a little, but within the next 9 months, you will have enough reasons to be delightful and happy.


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