Pregnancy Week By Week : 14 Weeks Pregnant - What To Expect

You are well into your second trimester, the best period of pregnancy, and your baby is busy growing and preparing to come into the world in...

You are well into your second trimester, the best period of pregnancy, and your baby is busy growing and preparing to come into the world in a few more months. You must be really excited by this time and counting the weeks as they pass. So do you want to know how big is your baby in the fourteenth week of your pregnancy? What are the changes happening inside your womb? We have your questions answered in detail. Read on.

14 Weeks Pregnant

Baby Development

Straight posture

Astonishing as this may sound, your baby is now able to acquire a straight posture inside your uterus. It is true that a newborn will take almost a year to stand up straight, but inside the fluid, and with their bones and muscles developing, your baby can erect its body this week of your pregnancy.

Baby hair and eyebrows

Your tiny one is sprouting hair all over its body. This baby hair covering the body is commonly termed as 'lanugo'. The function of the lanugo is to provide warmth to the little body. The color of your baby's hair is often not determined till it is born, but the hair growth begins by now and the eyebrows also get filled in. With the progressive weeks, the lanugo begins to shed as fat cells develop in the baby's body to keep it warm.

Production of meconium

The digestive system had already developed in the past weeks, but this week, the intestines will produce waste, also called meconium. This will result in the first bowel movement of your baby once it is born.

Longer neck

All this while the head was growing with the brain and the other facial features developing in full swing. This week it is the turn of the neck. It has grown longer and the baby's chin that rested on the chest all this time lifts up.

Baby growth and size

By the second trimester, your little one is the as big as a lemon. The baby is growing well and has begun moving more frequently, swimming in the amniotic fluid in your womb. At this stage, you won't be able to feel the movements, but rest assured your baby is growing rapidly and getting ready to be born in a few more months.

14 Weeks Pregnant

Body Changes & Common Symptoms

This is indeed the best time of your pregnancy period and the discomfort and distress of the past weeks would have dissipated by now. You may feel much more comfortable now and begin to enjoy the pregnancy for the first time. However, your body is still working relentlessly and there are tons of changes taking place inside. To find out about the changes and developments, keep reading.

The bump begins to show: Most women begin to show signs of the baby bump during the 14th week of pregnancy. If you are of slight built, the bump will be more visible. Your uterus is coming out of the pelvic area and settling into the lower abdomen. This transition of the uterus is finally giving you the pregnant look and now people around you will notice that you are on your way to motherhood and not piling up on pounds because of overeating!

You can feel the fundus: This is a good time to feel your uterus and the top of it, better known as the fundus. Your gynaecologist can also help you find it. All you have to do it press the area above the pelvic bone and you can sense the presence of the fundus.

Sharp ligament pain: As your uterus grows and comes down to the lower abdomen, you may experience sharp pains on both or just one side of your abdomen. The bands of ligament that support the womb begin to stretch, thanks to the increasing weight of the uterus. This is why many women experience what is called the round ligament pain from the 14th week of pregnancy.

Pain from sitting up or while changing sleep positions: As explained in the point above, you may have troubles while getting up to a sitting position or while you change sides during your sleep. There is a sharp pain in the inner parts of your thighs and the lower abdomen. This is all because of the ligament stretch and generally goes away after the delivery. Sometimes the pain may become severe and you would have to take painkillers in such instances. Make sure you consult with your doctor before trying any medication to find relief.

Health Tips

  • Keep away from cold and flu: During this time, your body is quite vulnerable to the cold and flu germs and you stand a higher chance of falling ill. Therefore, it is important to take extra care of yourself and not expose yourself to diseases or environment that may affect your health.
  • Keep your hands clean: One of the easiest ways to contract an infection is by eating with dirty hands. Your hands may look clean but make sure you carry a bottle of sanitizer with you and use it before you touch any food.
  • Maintain hygiene: This goes without saying. Staying hygienic is not just a requisite for a healthy body during pregnancy but at all times. Sharing personal items such as toothbrush, comb, towel, etc. is a strict no. Keep your home clean and wash your bed sheets and pillow covers regularly. Keep your kitchen area dry and fresh once you are done with cooking and cleaning to make sure that roaches and other insects don't swarm your kitchen when you are not looking.
  • Control your weight with an active lifestyle: As a pregnant woman, you are bound to put on weight. But make sure that the pounds do not surge due to a lazy lifestyle. A steady weight gain is preferable, but you have to make sure that you have some light exercises incorporated into your daily life. 20 minutes of walking, light aerobics, swimming, and squats are good options to keep yourself active.

Take care and enjoy every day of your pregnancy!


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