Joovy Tricycoo 4.1 Review - Your Child's First Wheels

Babies grow up quickly. Right from the day you have your little one in your arms, time goes by real fast. Same is the case with us. Our baby...

Babies grow up quickly. Right from the day you have your little one in your arms, time goes by real fast. Same is the case with us. Our baby boy Aakarsh is now 11 months and will soon be one year old in January. I feel it was just yesterday that he rolled over and after a few days he followed it up with crawling. Look at him now! He is holding on to things and trying to walk. As a mother, nothing can make me happier than watching him pass through wonderful growing stages. Pure bliss indeed!

He is now in the phase of exploring and learning new things. So we thought it was the right time to introduce him to a wonderful ride and that is when we introduced him to Joovy Tricycoo 4.1. The best thing about Tricycoo is that it grows with the child. From children as young as 10 months to a maximum child weight of about 44 lbs, Tricycoo 4.1 can change from a parent assisted ride to a kid powered tricycle. This is the ideal way to introduce your child to balance and coordination.

Joovy Tricycoo Review

Aakarsh is now 11 months, so we use the Push Trike Stage 1 setting where we have full parent control with adjustable and removable Parent Push Handle. I love this feature because it allows us to control the Tricycoo and can be adjusted to 4 positions to match our comfort. My son feels really excited to ride it while we guide him along. The Parent Push Handle can be removed at later stages when you feel your child has mastered the pedaling.

Joovy Tricycoo Review

Joovy Tricycoo Review

Joovy Tricycoo Review

In few months when he turns 18 months+, we will go into the training mode which features a flip-down footrest. The pedals can also be unlocked to freely swivel and the seat pads can be removed. I just cannot wait to see each stage of the Tricycoo as I am sure my son will enjoy it much more in the days ahead. When he will be 2 years old, we shall go for stage 3 and Aakarsh can start pedaling himself. The big rubber front wheel looks easy to traverse just about any terrain. And the last stage of the Tricycoo stage 4 will be at 30 months+ when the parent handle is removed completely for kid-powered fun.

Joovy Tricycoo Review

Another interesting feature of Tricycoo is the padded seat with head support, surround arms and a 5-point harness for their comfort and safety while they get the hang of it. The seat can also be adjusted to three different positions as per your child's comfort.

Joovy Tricycoo Review

There is also a cup holder in the front to hold beverages. Whenever we go for a ride, I bring in some water in case he feels thirsty. I love that it is at a reachable distance for Aakarsh.

Joovy Tricycoo Review

Aakarsh feels really comfortable sitting in his tricycoo and enjoys his ride in the park. On sunny days, I use the large canopy which is made of 50 UPF fabric to keep the sun away. The Tricycoo is 14.4 lbs in weight and is quite comfortable to carry around. This is the ideal choice for my son's first vehicle. We would not have found a better vehicle to start our little one's riding journey. It is just perfect to teach your child to ride, one step at a time. You can start using it as early as 10 months. It grows with my child and I couldn't have asked for more!


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  1. He is getting adorable Lavanaya! :love:

    1. Thank you Salomi. And he is becoming very naughty too!


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