Patanjali Moisturizer Cream Review

Ever since Patanjali launched their own line of cosmetic products, I have been trying out different products from this range. We all know th...

Ever since Patanjali launched their own line of cosmetic products, I have been trying out different products from this range. We all know they are devoid of any chemicals and safe for our skin. They are herbal, so even if they fail to show any good results on us, they will not harm either. Keeping this herbal thing in mind and knowing that my skin is sensitive, I bought this moisturizing cream especially for the face as I have dry skin. Let's read further all about it.

Patanjali Moisturizer Cream Review

About Patanjali Moisturizer Cream:

Prevents aging and dehydration of the skin. Prevents skin against winter dryness and makes skin soft, beautiful and glowing. Made in Bharat. A product of Patanjali Ayurveda.

Patanjali Moisturizer Cream

Patanjali Moisturizer Cream

Patanjali Moisturizer Cream


75 INR for 50 g

Ingredients List:

Cream base, vitamin-E, vitamin B5, vitamin-A, CL 45OO, aqua QS, contains Shea butter, chamomile, and olive oil.

Patanjali Moisturizer Cream Ingredients

Shelf Life:

24 months

Directions For Use:

Apply all over the face and body. Leave on.

My Experience With Patanjali Moisturizer Cream:

Packaging: The cream comes in a plastic tub packaging with a baby pink screw cap. The outer cardboard packaging has all the necessary details written on it which you can find on the tub as well. I like the small compact tub which has a refreshing summery color. There is another white lid underneath preventing the cream from spilling (not that it's watery in consistency). So for me, the lid is useless. One can travel with the cream sans the lid as well. The screw cap is secure enough.

Patanjali Moisturizer Cream

Patanjali Moisturizer Cream Packaging

Patanjali Moisturizer Cream Packaging

Fragrance: It has a beautiful and soothing smell of Shea butter and cocoa. It is not that over- powering, but the sensitive nose will have a problem. I suffer from headaches, so even I cannot tolerate strong fragrances but this one is rather soothing despite being strong. The fragrance lingers on for half n hour or so and after that, it vanishes.
Texture/Consistency: The cream is baby pink in color. It is rich and thick. But still, it gets completely absorbed into the skin in no time. I hate creams which take forever to get absorbed. It doesn't leave any sort of residue behind or any greasy feeling (refer the swatch). Since it is a rich cream, in summers, the palms do get sweaty post application. So I can assume that it will not suit oily skinned beauties as you will feel greasy.

Patanjali Moisturizer Cream Tub

Patanjali Moisturizer Cream Swatch

Efficacy: The cream is very soft and gentle on the skin. I use it on my whole body and it nourishes my skin leaving it soft and supple. When applied on hands, it instantly makes them smooth to touch. But I was so disappointed when I used it on my face. I was looking for a chemical-free cream for my face since it is too sensitive. So I applied it on my face and boom! It broke me out. I understand that it is a thick cream which should be suitable for dry skin, but no! It really is not good for face, at least for my face. Let me also clarify here, that I used this cream in combination with Patanjali’s face wash (face wash also used for the first time). Now I don't know whether it is the face wash or the cream which broke me out, but I don't care. I have stopped using the face wash and this cream on face. It works wonderfully on the body, though. It stays for good 4-5 hours without having the need to re-apply. After washing the hands, it gets removed but hands don't feel dry, the cream keeps them hydrated.

Pros Of Patanjali Moisturizer Cream:
  • Non-greasy cream
  • Easily absorbed by the skin
  • Soft and smooth
  • Cute packaging
  • Chemical-free
  • Keep hands hydrated
  • Sweet fragrance

Cons Of Patanjali Moisturizer Cream:
  • My skin experienced breakouts

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

As a body moisturizer, I really like it. As you can see from the pictures, I have already used it up. It is better than other high-end body butter also. For winters, it is very good. It keeps the skin nourished and hydrated leaving it soft and supple. I would recommend this to very dry skin people but it is not suitable for the face. This is only good for body application.


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  1. Whenever I read that a product causes breakouts I get weary and try to stay away from it.

    1. Yeah...its not for face. Or may be it reacted differently on my face :/

  2. I have never used this brand products. have to!

  3. My acne prone skin will not like this :(

  4. Yeah.. true. Acne prone, sensitive, oily skin people might experience breakouts.

  5. Hi guys.. I have been using this cream on my face and its real gud.. Its a bit thick so i first spray patanjali rose water on my face n wait till it dries a bit n apply cream wen skin is moist .. It thins out the cream n spreads nicely..


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