Are You Relying Too Much On Prescription Medications?

There is something of an addiction in the modern world to what a doctor can prescribe. We've gotten conditioned to seeing this as normal...

There is something of an addiction in the modern world to what a doctor can prescribe. We've gotten conditioned to seeing this as normal. In fact, it's something we're actually conditioned to think is a good thing. It's gone as far as to suggest it's a bad thing to use your own reasoning and judgment on health problems. We're constantly bombarded with stories of "what ifs" and "shoulda woulda couldas." So we follow the advice and outsource everything to our doctor.
There's nothing wrong with this per se, but it's far too easy to see the doctor as something else besides. Rather than seeing them as a medical professional doing their best, we see them as magicians. They're not handing out prescription medications that we should be careful of; it's miracles. Promises of something better and an easy fix to life's woes.

Prescription Medications

Is This So Bad? Medicine Is There - So Use It!

This is dangerous thinking, for a variety of reasons. Take the overuse of antibiotics - people insisting they need them even for viral ailments such as a cold. It's common enough, but it's extremely damaging. Antibiotic resistance is a growing problem and it's not going to go away.
Due to our over-dependence on antibiotics, even taking them when they're not needed, we could return to the 1800s in terms of medical care. It's a nightmare scenario but one that many global governments are taking seriously -

Okay, So I Won't Take Antibiotics - Sorted?

It's not just antibiotics that are a problem. If you see the only possible fix as being one that a doctor writes on a prescription, you're taking a huge leap of faith.
These are powerful drugs. Anything that requires a doctor's authorization has been judged to be so; it can only be given by those with expert knowledge. The simpler drugs with fewer side effects are available over-the-counter for a reason; because they are not as harmful.


But Medicine Makes You Better!

It can well do, and for some conditions medication is an absolute must. But you have to think long and hard about whether you fall into that category.
Many conventional medications have quite terrifying side effects. These are no joke; sometimes they go to the point of needing to consult for compensation. If you have chronic ailments, this can quickly descend into a vicious spiral. One drug gives you an unpleasant side effect, so you take another to calm the side effect - and onwards it goes.
The other, more severe, problem is that of addiction. People are living with opiate addictions (the same class of drug as heroin), but they think it's okay - because it came from their doctor. But they are still addicted; it's still serious.

What, So No Prescription Medication Ever Again?

Drugs are there for a reason, make no mistake. But a good rule of thumb is: Are you feeling ill enough, or in enough pain, to see a doctor about this? If a doctor advises you to manage your condition with medication, go right ahead. But the moment you're taking them because you want to rather than need to is the moment you shouldn't take them.
Quite apart from anything else, remember that point about antibiotics. The more you use a drug, the less it works. And if you aren't sure you trust yourself to tell the difference between want and need, give your pill bottles to someone else. When you need medication, ask them. That way, there's a level of security about your use.

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