Everything You Need To Know Before Getting A Brazilian Wax

Brazilian wax refers to the removal of pubic hair using wax. Brazilian wax is different from bikini wax as it involves the butt region too. ...

Brazilian wax refers to the removal of pubic hair using wax. Brazilian wax is different from bikini wax as it involves the butt region too. At the end of the day, Brazilian wax does hurt, but it lasts for only a few seconds and the results are worth it. A bonus point is that over a period of time your hair becomes finer and thinner, therefore waxing becomes much easier. This is different from shaving as shaving makes your hair coarser and thicker.
Brazilian wax became popular in Brazil in the 1980s after the introduction of the string bikini. Brazilian bikini waxes were introduced to New York in 1987 by the J Sisters who were 7 Brazilian-born sisters. (They were known as J sisters as all of their names started with the letter J). Coming back to the present, you can go for the Brazilian wax for many different reasons such as cleanliness, demands of certain outfits or better results than any other form of hair removal. A bikini wax only removes hair from the frontal area. A full-bush Brazilian wax removes all the hair from front and back but keeps a triangle in the front. A Brazilian wax removes all the hair from front and back completely.

Everything You Need To Know Before Getting A Brazilian Wax

How Should You Prepare For A Brazilian Wax?

  • The first step is to choose a really good spa or a salon, even if it means you have to spend a little more than you normally would. It's important that Brazilian wax is done by experts.
  • When you reach the spa, make sure that the area is clean and organized. Remember, if your aesthetician doesn't wear gloves or test the temperature of the wax on her own skin first, you're not dealing with a professional.
  • Be mentally prepared as you will be exposed. If you are really worried or have a low pain tolerance, you can take a painkiller half an hour before the session. We wouldn't suggest you do this every time, probably just for the first session.
  • Take a shower before you go, a warm shower opens up your pores so that the hair will come out easily.
  • The wax will leave a stain on fabric, even after it has been washed, so try to wear something that you don't mind getting dirty. Wear a wear comfortable underwear, loose-fitting skirt or suitable track pants as that area will be sore and you won't have to struggle afterward.
  • Before leaving, give a generous tip to your aesthetician, especially if you are planning to come back again. These are just good manners.

Brazilian Wax

Precaution To Be Taken Before Going For A Brazilian Wax

  • Avoid going for a Brazilian wax if you take Accutane. This medicine makes your skin thin and waxing may tear it easily.
  • Avoid Brazilian wax, if you have a sunburn. 
  • A wax can be performed only on the healthy skin. If you have a condition like psoriasis or eczema, avoid waxing.
  • Due to the threat of infections spreading, pregnant women should avoid Brazilian wax as their resistance is less than usual.
  • Avoid Brazilian wax when you have your period as your skin will be sensitive and it would hurt more than it normally would and it will be awkward.
  • If any of the products you use contains ingredients like retinol or alpha hydroxyl acids, make sure that you stop them a week before you go for waxing as these ingredients increase the sensitivity of the skin.
  • Absolutely make sure that the wax your aesthetician uses hasn't been used in previous appointments because this could lead to spreading of germs and diseases.

The Process Of Brazilian Wax

Now we will let you know what to expect when you go for a Brazilian wax.
  • Your hair must be quarter inch if it's fine and a half-inch if it's coarse. If it's longer, your aesthetician will trim it. But if it's shorter, waxing won't be possible. A Brazilian wax would take place in a private room.
  • Once you are in the room, you need to undress and go bare down there. Then you have to lay on your back with feet together and knees apart position. While you lay on your back, the wax is applied and then a strip of waxing paper is placed on it. While holding your skin tight, the aesthetician takes it right off.
  • Once your frontal area is done, your aesthetician will wax your butt. It can be awkward, but the good news is that since there are no nerve endings in that region, it won't hurt. There can be small fine hair left out after waxing, which your aesthetician would pick them out with a tweezer, which can hurt.
  • It would approximately take 20 to 30 minutes. After it's done, your aesthetician would probably give you certain instructions regarding the cream you should apply and precautions you should take.

Brazilian Wax Process

Care After The Waxing Session

  • Stay away from doing anything that will leave you sweaty, try to relax that day.
  • Apply soothing creams, such as hydrocortisone cream because it can control itchiness, and reduce redness.
  • If you take a shower, then cleanse gently. You shouldn't irritate that area too much for few days.

Risks Involved In A Brazilian Wax

These things happen very rarely, and it's not to scare you but to inform you the things that could possibly occur if the process goes wrong.
  • Usually, a bit of Irritation and inflammation can occur after waxing. In very rare cases an infection can occur. The chances are more if you have a poor immune system.
  • A Brazilian wax can lead to burns or ripped skin. If waxing is done by an unprofessional person on the same area repeatedly, then there are chances of scarring.
  • If you get a Brazilian wax from a very untidy salon then there are chances of getting STD [sexually transmitted diseases].
Brazilian Wax Risks

In 2009, New Jersey thought of banning Brazilian waxes completely after two women were hospitalized with infections.
Take precautions which were mentioned above to avoid all these scenarios. The point is, every procedure has some risks. It's up to you to make a sound decision.

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