3 Countries Where You Can Take The Best Road Trips

Taking a road trip is a dream come true for many people. It gives you time to get away from everything. It gives you time to think. And it g...

Taking a road trip is a dream come true for many people. It gives you time to get away from everything. It gives you time to think. And it gives you some of the best quality time with friends or family that you could ask for. Of course, if you're going to be traveling for a while, you want to travel in style. You want to have fun. And most of all, you want it to be the best vacation you take. So what are your options?

Best Road Trip

You can take a road trip anywhere if you have a passport and visa for international travel. Some of the best countries for a road trip include the US, Australia, and the UK. The UK is a gateway to the rest of Europe. Even though you have to drive on the left in Britain, most of Europe drives on the same side as the US. Road travel is really easy, but the UK might offer some of the best country and scenic routes.

UK Road Trip

Australia is vast, much like the US. But most of the inland areas are completely uninhabited. There is a lot of desert and bushland to see, but you may go hours without much of a view change. However, when you take a trip up the coastal roads, you have incredible beaches and vistas every few miles. The weather is amazing most of the time, and you can work your way from Brisbane to Sydney without too much drama.

Australia Road Trip

But it's the US that is built for road trips. Wide open highways and character-full rest stops are what make road trips at home so popular. And if you buy a new or used travel trailer, you can stop anywhere with any view you like. Best of all, everyone you love can come along. The Southern route using IS 10 is one of the most famous routes. It's about two and a half thousand miles and is most fun to do when you give yourself a full week to do it. Florida and the Gulf coast are perhaps the best bits!

United States Road Trip

Choosing a destination for your road trip is only one small part of the planning you'll need to do. You'll also have options for your vehicle. The luxury RV or trailer are the most popular choices. This is because you have all your creature comforts from home riding along with you. Comfortable beds, toilets, and showers come as standard for the high-end vehicle. You'll have sofas, TV, and a fridge. Most come with onboard Wifi so you can stay connected all the time.

Maybe you fancy the freedom and fun of a convertible muscle car? The speed (imagined not achieved of course) can be very appealing when you have the wind rushing through your hair. And if you choose to camp out under canvas, that makes the whole trip feel so much more spontaneous. Of course, there are always motels along the way for that long hot bath and cozy bed!

So which options would you select for your next road trip?

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