Why Are Women Addicted To Beauty Products

It is so easy to get obsessed with makeup as there is a constant stream of new and gorgeous new beauty trends being released on the market....

It is so easy to get obsessed with makeup as there is a constant stream of new and gorgeous new beauty trends being released on the market. If your makeup bag is bursting at the seams, then take solace in knowing you are not alone.

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There is a new mascara out every month

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Ok, are you concerned with staying 'on fleek' with your eyelash game like us? Then you'll have noticed that mascara manufacturing companies bring out new products all the time. The thing is, is that they accompany these new mascaras with awesome advertising campaigns. Which then reel you in with the promise of thicker, fuller more nourished lashes. What women wouldn't want that? The real killers are the ones that promise a false eyelash look without the lashes. Who would want to have the drama of lashes without all that faffing around with glue and tweezers? We get hooked in every time!

Celebrities are starting their own lines

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Now not only do we have the traditional brands like Max Factor and Maybelline producing makeup, but there are a lot of stars bring out their own lines. Of these, Kylie Jenner and Jeffery Star are the most talked about on social media at the moment. Now if you are known for a strong makeup look, like these two, you already have an audience of people for the products you make. Team that up with tutorials on social media and a bit of celebrity drama and their products become irresistible.

They keep making things better

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One of the things that always get us is that the makeup market is so innovative at the moment. They keep finding easier ways of doing things. This is always going to lure us in. Getting the best look, with minimal effort is always something we are going to go after.

Things like nail wraps and home gel kits you can DIY always catch our attention. If you can get the look at home for half the price, we are going to be interested. Also, lipstick that won't rub off as soon as you have applied it is another of our vices and don't even get us started on long wear eyeshadows and foundations! The lure of makeup that you don't have to retouch all the time is so strong when a new product comes out we just have to have it!

The packaging is so pretty

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We think, one of the most addictive qualities of beauty products is the gorgeous packaging that they come in. Beautiful shadow pallets with built-in mirrors. Lipstick designed to look like kitsch hair rollers and shimmering blusher in heart-shaped boxes are always going to catch our eye. Makeup manufacturers have an excellent understanding of packing. They use this to their advantage and make their products stand out on the racks. With good packaging, their items stick in your mind, and you are much more likely to buy it, and inevitably we do! Whoops, time for a bigger makeup bag!

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  1. I can so relate to this! 😁😁
    The other day I was watching YouTube videos and suddenly got an urge for Morphe eyeshadow palette. Unavailable in India. 😥


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