How To Improve The Look Of Your Skin

Permanently improving the look of your skin is half small routine changes and half big decisions. You only live once, and I believe the secr...

Permanently improving the look of your skin is half small routine changes and half big decisions. You only live once, and I believe the secret to a happy, healthy glow is a mixture of those two. The truth is, some people are just born with better skin than others, but it's also true that we can improve ours. Whether you suffer from acne, wrinkles or dry skin, these are all conditions that can be improved - with the right mindset. 

Have a look down this list - we've included some basic tips as well as some bigger decisions. Hopefully, you find an answer you haven't tried yet. 

Moisturize As Soon As You Turn Off The Water 

Whether it's a bath, shower or quick rinse in the sink, you should be moisturizing as soon as you've turned off the water and patted yourself dry. The reason for this? Contrary to popular belief, moisturizer doesn't technically 'moisturize' your skin - it traps in the water. 

Your skin needs water to remain supple and to stop the production of oil that causes acne and blemishes. So trap that water in! Try timing yourself - two or three minutes - every time your face gets washed. See if you can be applying moisturizer within that timeframe. Laser Treatments Laser treatments, like microdermabrasion, are no longer mythical processes, only available to the wealthy. The market has opened up to pretty much everyone now too, and it's an affordable process that can help you with a wide range of issues - permanently. 

It's one of those big decisions we mentioned at the start of the most. Most people don't like surgical procedures, and that's fine - but sometimes, you have to take the plunge. Laser treatments can help with fix everything from acne to scars, so it's bound to help you in some way. 

Don't Sleep On Your Front Or Sides 

Sleep on your back! By sleeping face down, you can cause dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. This is due to the blood vessels constricting and the circulatory system releasing fluid in the walls of those vessels. Those dark circles are directly caused by these blood vessels, and sleeping face down worsens the problem. 

Solution? Sleep on your back, with the head up! I get that this is an issue for some people, but it's all about regular training. If it helps you to relax this way, use a night light. This long-term change can see those dark circles drastically reduce. 

Thoroughly Clean All Makeup Brushes & Applicants 

How often do you do this? Don't lie! All that dirt, old makeup, and oil left on those brushes can cause breakouts, which could be damaging your skin every single day. Anything that you use to apply makeup to your face is a risk here - so clean everything. 

Fortunately, it's easy to clean these brushes yourself using a bar of soap. Or, buy new ones every week, but this really isn't practical at all. Have a proper clean through before you next apply your makeup! 

After a while of doing all these things mentioned above, you could see a big difference in your complexion. 

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