8 Simple Hacks To Make Straight Hair Hold A Curl

Hairstyles say a lot about your personality and define your appearance. Straight sleek hair looks elegant and classy but curly hair is the b...

Hairstyles say a lot about your personality and define your appearance. Straight sleek hair looks elegant and classy but curly hair is the best when you want to achieve that sassy "girl next door" look. With poker straight hair trending this season many girls opt for natural hair straightening methods to achieve the look. Straight locks definitely are easiest to maintain and effortless to style, but sometimes styling straight hair can be a bit tricky. When we have some special occasions to attend or want to try something different for a change, we think of curling them but that's when reality strikes. Straight hair is very difficult to curl and even if they do curl, it cannot be retained for long. No matter how much time we put into it, they fall flat and just refuse to hold the curl. We spend 30-45 minutes to curl the hair but within 2-3 hours they fall flat and get extremely frizzy and ruin the whole look. However if we follow some simple techniques while curling we can get them to last a whole day or even more. Today we will be discussing some easy steps you can incorporate into your curling routine which will make your curls more bouncy and long lasting. 

1. Curl Your Hair On First Or Second Day After Wash 

Most common mistake that we do when we start curling is that we wash them just before styling. Ideally your curls will last longer when we style them first or second day after hair wash. This is because washing makes them silky and smooth which is not the right texture for curling. Natural oil of our hair helps them to hold any style better but when we wash them they get stripped of their natural oils thus losing their natural ability to style. So next time when you plan to curl, wash your hair a day before to make them last longer. 

2. Don't Go Overboard With Conditioner 

Conditioning is necessary for easy detangling and to smooth out frizz. But when we use too much conditioner, it makes our hair limp and weighs them down. Textured hair is best with curls. So it is advisable to cut down conditioner when you plan to curl. 

3. Use Volume Enhancing Hair Products & Mousse 

Curling is all about texture and volume. The more volume you create, the more defined your curls will be. People with already curly or wavy hair will have no difficulty in creating volume but straight hair ladies will need the extra help of hair products (whichever suits you best) to create ideal texture and volume for curling. 

4. Invest In High-Quality Curling Irons With Adequate Heat Settings 

People try to curl their hair with straighteners or using curling irons of drugstore brands. This may work out for some but the curls created by these methods are usually short lived. Instead, invest in some good brands with adequate heat setting and you will definitely notice the difference. They will help you with more defined and bouncy curls that will hold for longer periods. 

5. Pin Them Up After Curling 

We use all kinds of right products, invest in good quality curling rods but still cannot get the curls right. In such cases, this trick is your savior and is neglected by many of us. Never release your curls just after they are formed. Hold the curls in your hand and coil them to your head and secure with the help of pins. Let them cool on their own and release. This is the best trick to make them last really long. 

6. Don't Touch Or Comb After Curling 

We have the tendency to run our hands through our hair and it's almost irresistible when they are bouncy and soft. But hold on, you may not want to do that as it may undo your curls really fast. Also, avoid using the comb on curled hair for similar reasons. 

7. Go Heatless 

Quick curling with heat curlers may not work too well for you. Another fix to make your curl last longer is to keep them overnight. Hairs rollers come very handy for that. Use hair rollers a night before and sleep over. Next morning you get nice curls which will last really long and the good thing is we don't have to use heat. 

8. Hairspray Is Your Friend 

When you are done with curling and satisfied with the final look, use hair spray to lock the style for the entire day. 

These tricks will surely be handy while curling your hair and help to make it last really long. Please comment below to share your views and tips to make your hair hold the curl for long. 

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  1. I so love curls but maintaining them is a pain. This surely helps.

    1. i love them too.. i use these simple hacks whenever i feel like curling and get the desired results.

  2. I love the heatless curls. Well-written Chahat :)

  3. This will actually help me :) thank you

    1. yes srishti.. well managed curls look wonderful.


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