8 Amazing Benefits Of Using Night Cream

The night cream is probably the most under-rated item of our vanity. Some of us think that it's just another market tactics and is no s...

The night cream is probably the most under-rated item of our vanity. Some of us think that it's just another market tactics and is no special than our regular day cream and some of us are too lazy to buy and use it. Little do we know, night creams can have amazing benefits for our skin. During day time, our skin comes in contact with harsh sun rays, pollution, dirt etc. which may cause damage to our skin significantly. During night time, our skin goes to repair mode and it is during this time it regenerates itself and reverses the damage caused during day time. Day creams mainly focus on shielding effects but night creams focus on repairing effects. So following a good beauty regime during night time is equally important and can help our skin to replenish itself. Just like there are some special ingredients we look for in day creams, there are some particular ingredients you should consider before buying a night cream as well. A typical night cream should have hydrating ingredients like honey or shea butter, rich in vitamins A, C, E, and antioxidants. Now let's move on to some amazing ways by which night cream benefits our skin. 

1. Moisturization 

Night creams are extremely hydrating and nourish our skin. Many of us have the habit of using regular day moisturizer during the night time. Replace it with a good night cream and the results would speak for themselves. Reason being regular moisturizers forms a layer over our skin but night creams work at micro levels and restore moisture level from within. You will wake up with glowing skin due to proper hydration of night cream. 

2. Cell Renewal 

As I have mentioned earlier, during night time our skin goes to repair mode. It reverses all the damage it has gone through during day time and this is done by the generation of new skin cells and discarding of old ones. Night creams reach deep cellular levels and boost the cell renewal process. 

3. Evens Out Complexion 

Another good reason to use night cream regularly is that it evens out our complexion. We may have spots here and there or we might have missed applying sunscreen in day time which led to slight tanning. Don't worry! Our knight in the shining armor - night cream is going to protect us. 

4. Works On Age Spots & Wrinkles 

With time the effects of aging start appearing on our face in the form of age spots, wrinkles or freckles. Skin loses its original firmness and texture. That's when night cream comes in handy. Usage of night cream is highly recommended after the age of 35 to mask aging effects on the skin. 

5. Boosts Collagen 

Collagen is a special protein found in our skin that is responsible for maintaining firmness and texture of our skin. Night creams have special ingredients that boost the level of collagen production in our skin making it soft, smooth and supple. 

6. Improves Blood Circulation 

When we apply night cream, we do it by massaging it on our skin. The regular massage itself is very useful in improving the blood circulation levels. Night creams aid to this process and improved blood circulation generates a healthy glow to our skin from within. 

7. Reduces Pigmentation 

Pigmentation is the partial discoloration of some skin areas making it look dark from rest of the face. Some people are prone to pigmentation due to genetic disorders or sometimes some get it due to allergic reactions. Whatever be the reason night creams are very effective in reducing pigmentation by affecting the production of melanin in our body. 

8. Reverses Sun Damage 

We might feel some redness and itching of skin due to sun damage. Night cream being extremely hydrating soothes our skin, reduces the redness and itchiness caused by sun damage and has a cooling effect on our skin. 


Right Way Of Using A Night Cream 
  • Wash your face with a mild facial cleanser and pat it dry. 
  • Dot the night cream all over your face and neck. 
  • Gently start massaging in circular motions in upward and outwards stroke.
  • Repeat if required. 
So next time when you feel too lazy to apply night cream, just remember you are depriving your skin of so many amazing benefits and you will get the motivation. Please comment below your favorite night cream and tell us about your nighttime beauty regimen along with how you find this article. 

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  1. I always skip it. It's time I should start applying one. Nice article Chahat.

    1. yes salomi using night cream is totally recommended..

  2. Though I want to use it daily, I try using it most days of the week. It works like magic.

  3. i love to read diva likes articles. i am 20 years old with combination skin can You please suggest me a good day cream, moisturizer, serum, long lasting foundation and compact.


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