7 Easy Ways To Improve Your Complexion

Hello, beautiful ladies! Hope you guys are enjoying this summer. But do not forget to take care of your skin, especially this season when y...

Hello, beautiful ladies! Hope you guys are enjoying this summer. But do not forget to take care of your skin, especially this season when your skin can get damaged easily. If you are a working woman or a student, it gets really difficult to take care of your skin because of the time issues, and keeping that in consideration here are some special tips for you to improve your complexion easily, so let's begin with it. 

1. Drink Sufficient Water 

If your body is well hydrated, it will reflect on your skin. This works as easy as it sounds, you just need to drink minimum 8 glasses of water each day. You can even add some lemon and cucumber in water and enjoy the drink. It will not only give you a flawless skin but also helps in weight loss. So it's like one drink with two benefits.

2. Keep Your Face Clean 

Many times it happens that after the gym or even after coming back from work we are so tired that we do not wash our face immediately as soon as we reach home. But this carelessness results in pimples and uneven skin color. So it is very important to clean your face as often as you can. 

3. Use Both Warm & Cold Water To Wash 

When you wash your face, always first opt for warm water to open up your pores and to let in the cleanser. Once you exfoliate, rinse your face with cool water which will close the pores of your skin. Start doing this and you will notice that your skin will become clearer day by day. 

4. Never Forget Sunscreen 

The truth is that we live on a polluted planet and the harsh sun rays can easily damage our skin. To protect your skin, apply the sunscreen 15 minutes before stepping out in the sun. This will ensure that you don't get tanned and results in a clear complexion. 

5. Steam Is The Secret 

This is the best way you can achieve a good complexion easily. Steaming your face removes all the impurities on your skin. Take a bowl of hot water and cover your face with a towel while getting the steam. You will instantly notice how refreshed your skin will look, so do give it a try. 

6. Apply Chilled Milk 

When you come back from work or some other place, especially in summers you will notice a dullness in your complexion and that is because of the pollution which is making the skin dull day by day. So the best solution is to apply chilled milk on skin, let it dry and go to sleep. You will see the magical results in the morning when you wash your face - a clear and radiant looking skin. 

7. Consider DIY Face Pack 

It is very important to exfoliate your skin twice a week and post-exfoliation, apply a face mask for the best results. You can make a face mask of your own by mixing honey with a few drops of lemon in it. If you have dry skin, add yogurt and it will moisturize your skin. Apply it twice a week for visible results. 

Hope you guys find these tips useful. One thing we want to clear is that we are not promoting "fair skin" here. It's just about clear and youthful skin because if you love to keep your skin bare it will give you confidence and if you like to apply makeup it will blend effortlessly. Do let us know if any you have any suggestions to share. 

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  1. I always stick to drinking more and more water and applying mud face packs. Nice post Srishti :)

    1. yeah mud packs are best for this summer,anyways thank you salomi das :)


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