7 Beauty Benefits Of Rose Water

Hello, beautiful ladies out there! So as the summer has already arrived and the sun is at its peak, it's our skin which is suffering fro...

Hello, beautiful ladies out there! So as the summer has already arrived and the sun is at its peak, it's our skin which is suffering from sun damage. And being a busy person or even a lazy one, it is difficult to maintain the glow on our face. So to rescue this problem I have a great product which is "Rose Water". We all are familiar with rose water, which offers a whole lot of beauty benefits without spending lots of money. Firstly rose water is easily available and affordable in any terms, so you can give it a try. And the best part about the rose water is it can be used by all types of skin. so thumbs up for that. Dry skin beauties can use it to hydrate their face and oily skin beauties can apply it as a toner. So, not only you but even the other family members can use it without any hesitation. What else can be better than this? Here are 7 wonderful uses of rose water you must check out!

1. Keeps The Acne Away

Oily skin beauties have a major issue of acne problem and in that case, they do not experiment with their skin care products. But it is important that you opt for natural products which do not contain any harsh chemicals which damage your skin. So the best option for that is to use rose water as a toner in your CTM routine. Rose water not only removes the oil from the face but even stops the bacterial growth which is very important to control acne.

2. Prevents Sunburn

Are you planning a holiday? If yes, do not forget to take rose water along with you. Now you might be thinking that you are going to carry your sunscreen and why should you carry rose water? But not many of us remember to apply the sunscreen throughout the vacation. In case you forgot to apply the sunscreen, after effects are redness and irritation of the skin. So to calm down the irritation and redness, apply the rose water and you will notice a positive change in your skin.

3. Hydrates Dry Skin

It is actually very difficult to apply moisturizer all the time to hydrate our skin, especially in summers where your skin already is quite sticky. In such scenario, apply rose water before you apply your makeup. By doing this step you will notice that the foundation will blend easily and the reason for that is rose water hydration.

4. Repairs Aging Of Skin

The reason behind the aging of the skin in the early stages of our life is the exposure to UV rays and pollution which results in wrinkles and skin darkening. Today the market is flooded with all the expensive creams which claims of anti-aging but not many of them are effective. For this problem too rose water comes as a savior, as it is not expensive The best part is it helps in anti-aging and you can use it on a daily basis with no tension!

5. Replace Makeup Setting Spray With Rose Water

When we have to attend a party for a long duration of time or when we are traveling, we do not want our makeup to go bad and hence we opt for expensive makeup setting spray which contains a whole lot of chemicals. Even the pricing of such product is high. It's time to remove it from your makeup bag and take some rose water in a spray bottle instead. Apply it as a makeup setting spray in a usual way and you will notice it will do the same job with no hazardous chemicals in addition to being reasonable.

6. After Shave Treatment

Some of us shave the legs with a razor because it is quick and an easy way, but it has its own set of problems. Some of them are itching and irritation of the skin. In order to soothe the skin post-shaving, we can use rose water as an aftershave lotion and the irritation and itching will be gone in no time.

7. Rose Scented Bath

Rose water is going to soften and refreshes your skin leaving you with an amazing scent of freshness. So treat yourself with a rose water bath by adding few drops of rose water directly into bath water and enjoy your shower.

Hope you find the above beauty benefits informative and useful. If you include rose water in your skin care regime, it will surely do wonders. Try it!

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