10 Top Secret Backstage Makeup Tips

I have always adored and wondered the beautiful models and celebrities walking the ramp with such glorious and alluring looks. Their makeup ...

I have always adored and wondered the beautiful models and celebrities walking the ramp with such glorious and alluring looks. Their makeup always looks flawless. From that perfect base to that classic red lips – they just seem to get everything right all the time. But, it is no secret that all these makeup tricks can be easily incorporated into your own routine once you know all the tips and tricks. In fact, these are very easy to do and at the end of the day you get that similar stunning and ostentatious ramp look easily. So, here we reveal those secret backstage makeup tricks and hacks that are simply going to change your makeup routine. 

1. Fresh Start 

No matter how clean and well balanced your face is, a makeup artist will start off with a spray mixed with rose water, aloe vera gel and glycerin. The thing is, rose water cleanses and tones the skin and blurs the pores, aloe vera gives a fresh glow and absorbs the oil while glycerin hydrates and helps the makeup to stick to the skin. Together, it is a great combo and helps the makeup to stay fresh and glowy for a long time. 

2. Applying Foundation 

Firstly, stick to the right shade for your skin and never go with a shade lighter for the sake of makeup. Next, apply the foundation to the center of the face and start blending it outwards. This is because it helps you to give a youthful appearance with an even and flat look. We generally use a shade or two dark on the outer line of the face to give a nice natural and bronzed look to the skin. Blend the foundation no matter how much time it takes and do not layer unless you are finished with one. 

3. Glowy Skin 

We often mix foundation with a little liquid highlighter to get that glowy look but for the ramp, it is a straight no-no. Apply highlighter on the high point of your face and blend it well so that it looks more of a natural glow than a dab of shimmer on the skin. Since there are too many cameras and limelight, it is best to keep the shimmer a bit less and natural. 

4. Blush Secret 

One of the most important backstage makeup tips is that you have to keep the blush shade lighter. For the cream blush, mix the darker or brighter shade with lighter and pale hues of blushes. This will give you a more natural, youthful and fresh flushed look without being stark. In fact, it is a great option to use during the day when the makeup is to be kept minimal. 

5. Dark Lips 

You have often spotted the models wearing the dark lips with such oomph and confidence. Well, everything comes with the right application. Inside of using a lip liner for dark lip color, use the very lip color with a lip brush and border or line the lips. Now, fill it with the lip brush again. Take a tissue and blot the color applying the compact power on top. Next, apply another layer of the same lip color and you are done! This will prevent the color from feathering or bleeding.  

6. Classic Red Lips 

Classic red lips never go out of fashion and often various models and celebrities are seen sporting it. However, it isn't as easy as it looks. Uneven or feathered red lips can destroy your whole look and make you look like a total disaster. Therefore, always use a concealer or foundation around the mouth to even out the complexion. Then, conceal the pigmented lips followed by a red lip liner to line and fill the lips. Next, use the lipstick to apply the color all over the lips and dab with a dry tissue to take off the excess. This will ensure the long stay of the color as well as the neatness. Also, choose a red as per your skin tone. 

7. Fuller Lips 

Nobody is born with the Kylie Jenner lips (even Kylie wasn't born with such lips! All thanks to the lip surgery). One can use makeup tricks to have that fuller lips effect without torturing yourself. Apply a thick layer of lip butter or lip balm on the lips and let it soften for a while. Then, rub an ice cube on top for few seconds and scrub with a towel. This will ensure that the dead cells are scrubbed and the lips are hydrated well. Now, take a lip liner and start lining slightly beyond the natural line of the lips. Do not go overboard but just go slightly out of the line. Now apply the lip color and dab a little concealer on the center of the lower lip and blend. This will give a nice fuller effect easily. 

8. Eyeliner Tricks 

Various makeup artists use the taupe or brown eyeliners instead of black eyeliner. Such eyeliner shades eradicate overdramatic looks that is much more suitable in daylight. But if you want a quick smoky eye, thickly apply kohl on the upper and lower water line. Dip a Q-tip in an eye cream and smudge the kohl slightly to create a soft smoked out effect on the eyes. For thick and dark eyeliner look, apply the first layer with a liquid liner, followed by a pencil liner and end with a gel liner. The layering will make it look rich and intense. 

9. Emphasize The Eyelashes 

Makeup artists emphasize a lot on eyelashes. They make you look fluttery, gorgeous and define the eyes like no other. Concentrate more on the falsies and go for the long natural ones. They look stunning with every eye makeup. For soft daytime look, a voluminizing mascara works great to give the lashes a nice boost. So, when you're stepping out of the house, never forget to put on the mascara. 

10. Tissue Paper To Dry Your Hair 

When you are trying to dry your hair, try doing it with a tissue paper instead of the towel. Towel dried hair might look rough, frizzy and uncontrollable while tissues are gentle on the strands and help to preserve the moisture and hydration. Thus, you won't have to use a heat product and you will get easy frizz free hair when it is dried. 

Interesting, right? Try it out and share your views in the comments below!

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