7 Anti-Aging Foods For Younger Looking Skin

Aging is an inevitable process. With time, our skin cells lose their ability to replenish themselves, thus leading to degeneration of cells,...

Aging is an inevitable process. With time, our skin cells lose their ability to replenish themselves, thus leading to degeneration of cells, tissues and macromolecules. Also, when we are in our 20's, life is so beautiful and fresh without worries and stress but as we approach our 30's life take its toll and becomes stressful and full of complications. The result of all these factors becomes clearly visible on our skin. Naturally young and glowing skin is desired by all but these aging signs take away our confidence making our skin look dull, lifeless and tired.

Most common signs of skin aging are:
1. Wrinkles
2. Wide Skin pores
3. Under eye dark circles
4. Loss of firmness and elasticity
5. Skin pigmentation
6. Uneven skin tone

It is advisable to start guarding our skin against age factors from our mid 20's, however, many of us don't do that and regret it later. There are a variety of products and treatments available in the market to reverse the effects of aging but most of them are very costly and some may have serious side effects. Although we cannot stop aging, we can surely erase years from our face by bringing some changes in our diet without going for expensive treatments and products. Who doesn't want to look 19 again and that too naturally? Mother Nature has provided us plenty of superfoods that help fight our skin the signs of aging and help us looking forever young and fresh.
Some of the superfoods that we can include in our diet to reverse the signs of aging are below. Let's take a look!

1. Pomegranate

This anti-aging queen of fruits is a powerhouse fruit to include in your daily diet. It is high in antioxidants, vitamins and catechins that work best to fight against aging. Pomegranate has been used from the time immemorial to treat a variety of diseases. This ruby red queen is found to stimulate keratin cells which are present in the youthful skin. Another compound "puninic acid" present in pomegranate creates a rejuvenating effect on texture and skin tone and fights wrinkles. So grab a bowl of pomegranate seeds and get your younger looking skin back.

2. Walnuts

If you are looking for an all round wonder food for your skin, walnut is the answer. It should be on the top of your list. Walnuts are packed with B-vitamins which are excellent for smoothening out complexion. Walnuts benefit skin due to their free radical fighting antioxidants and skin nourishing omega 3 oils. A handful of walnuts first thing in the morning or after your morning workout session is recommended for maximum results.

3. Green Tea

Green tea is the no 1 beverage choice in anti-aging treatment. It consists of leaves that are not yet fermented, so it contains a high level of antioxidants. Also, it contains polyphenols that fight signs of aging. Green tea helps to detoxify your body when taken internally and its external application helps reduce under eye dark circles and puffiness. So, be it anyway, green tea is always good for you and adding a cup or two of green tea in your everyday diet is highly recommended.

4. Avacado

A recent research proves that avocado plays a crucial role in the battle against harmful free radicals generated by our body and which are responsible for aging and illness. The enzymes present in avocados travel deep inside our cell structure and allow them to function properly and repair themselves when damaged. We can consume avocados in various forms like raw usage in salads or make face packs or by using avocado oil. My favorite way of using avocado is by eating in the form of salad as it is totally delicious. However, its availability may be a problem in India but don't worry as we can order anything online these days.

5. Strawberries

Taking more dose of vitamin C helps to keep wrinkles and age-related dryness at bay, thus reducing the signs of aging from your face. A single cup of strawberries a day provides 150% of daily recommended dose of the vitamin C by our body. Hence, strawberries have excellent anti-aging properties plus they taste great too.

6. Tomatoes

A compound called "lycopene" is found in tomatoes that have been known to help the skin fight sun damage. Also, this lycopene is a powerful antioxidant which till now we know is most important to reduce aging effects of the skin. Drinking a glass of tomato juice every day will start showing results within a month. External application of tomato is also well known in various face masks and packs. Or if you are feeling lazy just slice a tomato and massage it gently over your face, keep it on for 5 minutes and wash. Follow this process regularly and within a week, you will fell reduction in wrinkles and pigmentation.

7. Dark Chocolate

Girls just love chocolate and now it gives us one more reason to love it more as it can reverse aging effects on the skin. Isn't it just awesome? Now we don't have to make lame excuses to eat chocolates. A small portion of dark chocolate can ward off stress which is the main factor behind premature aging. However, it is advised to keep portion size small and not to go overboard with it.

As we grow, the effect of growing age starts getting visible on our skin. But apart from it, sun damage and increasing pollution also cause premature aging. So by avoiding direct sun and pollution and maintaining a balanced and healthy diet will help you look like you are in your 20's again.
Comment below and share your super foods that you think are also beneficial and have anti-aging properties.

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Contributed By: Chahat Monga


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