15 Foolproof Tips To Make You Look More Photogenic

We girls love to get all dolled up, right? We dress, accessorize, beautify and if all this hard work could be captured in a good picture it ...

We girls love to get all dolled up, right? We dress, accessorize, beautify and if all this hard work could be captured in a good picture it works as a cherry on top. But unfortunately, we don't get everything we desire. Sometimes things just don't work in spite of wearing a great outfit, nice shoes, and best makeup. All these could not get captured well and the end picture is horrible. Out of hundreds of pictures, only one or two qualifies to be posted on social media and the rest goes to junk. Also sometimes we run out of poses. Photography is a science if done with correct technique you can get the best pictures and selfies and each of them will qualify to be posted on your facebook page. Bored of same old duck faced selfies and mirror images? So here we present to you some beautiful tips and tricks that will make you look more photogenic.

Before starting with the tips let's talk about some basics.

Use Good Quality Camera

A good quality picture could only be captured by a good quality camera, so invest in few bucks and you will never regret it. However, if purchasing a good quality camera is not a feasible option for now then try to use phone's back camera for capturing pictures or even selfies.

Proper Lighting

Most expensive cameras fail to give their 100% in the absence of ample lighting. Improper positioning of the light source makes your image blurry and unclear. Similarly, too much lighting overpowers the image and ruins the look. So ample lighting should be there to capture beautiful images.

Keep Your Hands Steady

When you are taking selfies most pictures get ruined due to wobbly hands. Keep your hands still so that end picture won't get blurry.

Now that we have revised our basics let's move on to some amazing tips that will make you look more photogenic.

1. Add some angles to your look. This trick is probably known by everyone but for those who don't, this is your trump card. Instead of facing the camera tilt your body a little at some angle. This will produce the illusion of slimmer frame and pop your features out.

2. Never ever take selfies facing downward. Most of the time you may have noticed that good selfies are always taken by positioning the camera above your head level. When you face down it looks bigger, asymmetrical and chances of pig nose are always there. So try to position the camera at the same level or a level above your head for better pictures.

3. Natural sunlight works best. But some people are the in the habit of taking pictures when sunlight falls on their face, instead of this try taking pictures in broad daylight with your back towards the sun in such a way that your face blocks sunlight. Pictures taken by this method turn out best.

4. Roll your tongue behind your teeth while clicking pictures. This trick will prevent odd, wide smiles and a natural smile will adorn your face for stunning pictures.

5. When planning on full body pictures or mirror selfies try to stand cross-legged or push your knee up a little. This trick will make your lower portion more sculpted and thinner.

6. Play with expressions. You don't always have to smile or pout for good pictures. You can experiment with a variety of expressions like you can make a silly face, frown and pull your tongue out. You can choose what works best for you and keep experimenting.

7. Let your eyes talk. Eyes are the reflection of our heart and a good eye makeup always helps in capturing beautiful pictures. Just apply an eyeliner and double coat of mascara or tight line your waterline with nice kohl which will pop out the eyes and have magical effect on the final image.

8. Back cameras have higher resolution than front cameras, so pictures captured with them are more lively and better than pictures captured from the front camera.

9. Master the "red carpet pose". Try to imitate the poses our Bollywood divas made at different red carpet events and practice them. Once you master the art, try to use it while taking pictures and you will see now your pictures will come out better.

10. Always do a background check before taking the pictures. Most beautiful images get ruined because of bad background. If you are on vacation then try to incorporate natural scenes in your pictures like mountains, snow, greenery, and beaches in the background. This will enhance the quality of the picture even more.

11. If you are too shy and not comfortable with solos, you can always involve other people into them. Another thing you can do is to involve your pet dog or cat. This will make the pictures more adorable and natural.

12. Avoid closed eyes. Blink 3-4 times just before clicking a picture. This will prevent closed or half-closed eyes which are the main reasons behind a ruined picture.

13. If you have to take a sudden picture and you have no makeup on, don't worry. Just smear some lip gloss or lipstick and you are good to go.

14. Don't look directly towards the camera, if you do so you can get camera conscious. Try to look sideways or beyond the camera lens.

15. Last but not the least, go for some editing. Nowadays so many apps and softwares are available where you can choose any picture and give a final touch. There are apps that provide virtual makeup, removing blemishes, skin smoothening, and face thinning etc. Give them a try and create perfect pictures you were looking for.

That's all! So, are you ready to get clicked?

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Contributed By: Chahat Monga


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