Blue Heaven Fashion Mascara Review

I was always a bit skeptical about mascaras and never really paid much attention. However, one fine day when I tried it – it changed my whol...

I was always a bit skeptical about mascaras and never really paid much attention. However, one fine day when I tried it – it changed my whole outlook towards eye makeup. Ever since I often apply mascara and sometimes on a daily basis. I always stuck to one brand, i.e., Maybelline and never really anything else. It is great to find Blue Heaven Fashion Mascara in my haul with such promises of waterproof and flake proof, just the way I want my mascara to be. So let's see how the product fared with me.

About Blue Heaven Fashion Mascara:

BLUE HEAVEN FASHION MASCARA gives length, body and fullness to your eyelashes. It defines each lash individually. Comes with a tapered spiral brush for easy application. Water Proof, Flake proof & Clamp Proof.
Water Proof, Flake proof and Clamp proof creamy formula. Nurtures your eye lashes and styles without any irritation.


125 INR for 16 ml

Shelf Life:

6 months

Ingredients List:

Water, pigments, glycerol mono stearate, propylene glycol, stearic acid, carboxylate acrylic copolymer, magnesium aluminum silicate, phenoxy ethanol + methyl parapen + butyl paraben + ethyl paraben + propyl paraben + isobutyl paraben, triethanol amine, iso-octyl stearate, sod. Carboxy methyl cellulose, cetyl alcohol, edta di- sodium and dimethicone.

Directions For Use:

My Experience With Blue Heaven Fashion Mascara:

The mascara comes in a cardboard packaging which is fairly good. The body of Blue Heaven Fashion Mascara is sleek black and has screw cap that has the applicator attached. I found the packaging very nice, as it is light weight, sturdy and also travel-friendly. It never spills or creates a mess. The applicator wand has a long handle and I find it pretty convenient to use and helps in applying without much shakiness. The shape of the spoolie is straight and slightly oval at the tip. It is totally fixed and doesn't provide flexible movement. The wand seemed very ordinary and doesn't help much in curling. Also, while I try to coat the mascara of both sides of the lashes, it messes up badly and often transfers onto the eyelid. You have to be extremely cautious while application due to this reason.

The color is black and quite intense. The consistency of the mascara is good and very workable. It is neither creamy nor very thick and spreads well on the lashes. However, the effect of the mascara isn't very impressive. It neither lengthens nor provides any volume to the lashes. In the swatches, you would see it hardly makes any difference to my lashes. It finishes off with a matte finish giving a thin and dull look. It can't hold the curls for long and the curls stay for around 1-2 hours only.

Layering the mascara only increases the trouble and nothing else. It has the tendency to clump the lashes if I apply more and looks like I have fewer lashes. It also has the habit of transferring onto the lower and upper lids if applied in excess. The drying of the mascara takes forever and needs a lot of time to settle down. It is not at all waterproof and once my eyes start watering, I have seen the mascara ruin the complete look. The staying power is 3 hours approximately and then my lashes go back to being normal. Overall, this is a total dud.

Pros Of Blue Heaven Fashion Mascara:
  • Nice packaging.
  • Long wand.
  • Jet black color.
  • Right consistency and spreads well.
  • No irritation on eyes.

Cons Of Blue Heaven Fashion Mascara:
  • Can't hold the curls of the lashes.
  • Neither adds volume, nor length.
  • Clumps a lot if over applied.
  • Wand is not proper and transfers onto eyelids.
  • Takes forever to dry.
  • Neither waterproof not water resistant.

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

This is a total fail and I would not recommend the product at all.

Contributed By: Salomi Das


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