Elle 18 Color Pops Liner Green Review

Black liners are totally nice but sometimes it's fun to experiment with different colors. In my new haul from Diva Likes, I received two...

Black liners are totally nice but sometimes it's fun to experiment with different colors. In my new haul from Diva Likes, I received two colored eyeliners – one from Blue Heaven which I have already reviewed and the other one is Elle 18 Color Pops Liner in Green. Elle 18 is every girl's favorite and all of us own at least one thing or the other from this brand. I love that their products are readily available in the market and the collection is quite chic. So, without much ado, let's go on with the details of the product and how it fared with me.

About Elle 18 Color Pops Liner Green:

Tired of being Plain-Jane black? Then it's time add drama to your
eyes with the Elle 18 Color Pop Liner. Get super defined eyes in just a single fluid stroke. Available in 4 water resistant colors.


77 INR for 5 ml

Shelf Life:

24 months

Ingredients List:

Not mentioned.

Directions For Use:

Line upper lashes as close to lash line as possible. Glide from the outer corner to the inner corner of the eye, retrace for thicker lines. Leave it to dry.

My Experience With Elle 18 Color Pops Liner Green:

Packaging: Elle 18 has a history of cute packaging ever since they were launched. Be it a nail pop or eyeliner, I adore their packaging a lot. This one comes in a little round pot packaging with a black plastic screw cap that has the applicator attached. It is light weight, sturdy and easily to travel with.
Applicator: The applicator is good. The liner brush is extremely thin and perfect for those sharp wing or cat eyes. The liner is so thin and so you cannot go wrong or out of line ever. This makes it perfect for the beginners. It is very small compared to all the other liners I own and you have to go by small strokes. However, drawing thick lines will take slight time but this is not a problem at all.

Shade: The shade is beautiful. It is a deep hunter green with fine micro shimmers that give a metallic touch to the color. The color is perfect for Indian skin tones and doesn't look stark or gaudy at all. It looks stunning if you have blue or brown eyes. The color can be worn in the daytime as well as nighttime.
Pigmentation: The pigmentation could have been slightly better in my opinion. It requires two thick layers or three thin layers to get that proper opaque coat. Once again, it is for beginners because even if you go wrong you can immediately correct it with a cotton bud.
Texture: The texture is good, i.e., neither runny nor thick. The shimmers don't create any mess and the finish has a sheen layer. The only thing I feel irritating is when it dries, it kind of makes the skin of my eyelids super dry and creases making it uncomfortable. Also, it has the tendency of crumbles and flakes off if I go overboard to build the pigmentation. I have naturally dry lids and hence I don't feel comfortable wearing it at all.

Formula: The formula is smudge proof but not water proof. It also creases and flakes off after a while and needs a good primer underneath to hold on.
Staying Power: The staying power is 5 hours approximately and it either starts flaking off or fades. The removal is easy and can be taken off by any oil or eye makeup remover.

Pros Of Elle 18 Color Pops Liner Green:
  • Travel-friendly cute packaging.
  • Nice, thin applicator for beginners.
  • It is a deep hunter green with fine micro shimmers that give a metallic touch to the color.
  • Proper texture for application.
  • Smudge-proof.
  • Staying power is 5 hours approximately.
  • Reasonable pricing.

Cons Of Elle 18 Color Pops Liner Green:
  • Pigmentation could have been better.
  • It makes the eyelids super dry and flaky.
  • Not water proof.

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

The color is beautiful and the product is good for beginners. However, if you have dry lids like mine, then it is better to skip it.

Contributed By: Salomi Das


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  1. The staying power is good for its price though it has few cons

  2. Wish it was more dark green..in that case it could have been the best budget colored liner:)

  3. I like the shade a lot. But the dry and flaky part is rather off putting.

  4. for this price i think it is one of the best colored liners available :) I have 3 shades and i love them...nice EOTD..


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