Blue Heaven Diamond Blush On 501 Review

Hello, cupcakes! Hope you all are enjoying the winter. Winter means pale skin and that can only be taken care of by a blush. Blushes make su...

Hello, cupcakes! Hope you all are enjoying the winter. Winter means pale skin and that can only be taken care of by a blush. Blushes make such a sweet difference to our makeup that we can't really fathom until we use one. It makes the skin look natural yet rosy and glowing. I don't use blush very often unless there is a big event and I always choose a powder one, as I have very oily skin. My journey with blushes started with Maybelline. This time, I received the Blue Heaven Diamond Blush in the shade 501. Read on to know about this pretty thing in detail.

About Blue Heaven Diamond Blush On 501:

Blue Heaven Diamond Blush On has a soft cream whipped formula that is long-lasting and blends very smoothly with your skin. It feels virtually weightless and glides on quickly and easily giving a natural look to your face.
Soft creamy formula that is long lasting and highly spreadable and velvety feel. Apply with the applicator and feel the magic of smooth glide.


125 INR for 7g

Shelf Life:

3 years

Ingredients List:

Hydrated Magnesium Silicate +Kaolin +Zinc Stearate +Mica + ISO Propyl Meristate + Phenoxy Ethanol + Methyl Paraben + Butyl Paraben + Ethyl Paraben + Propyl Paraben + Isobutyl Paraben +Colour +Pearl and Perfume.

Directions For Use:

Use a fluffy or angled blush brush and apply on the apple of the cheeks.

My Experience With Blue Heaven Diamond Blush On 501:

The product comes in a circular plastic packaging with a transparent lid. I have far too many complaints with the packaging. It doesn't have a shade name and the shade number written on the wrapping. This makes it really difficult to identify a particular shade. Moreover, it is very flimsy and the transparent lid doesn't close properly. I tried to close it but the transparent portion came off completely and I have no clue how to carry it further. It has no inbuilt mirror or blush but it comes with a thin cotton puff pad. Now, I don't think anyone applies blush with a cotton puff pad! Overall, it has a really bad and cheap packaging.

The shade I received is a neutral toned baby pink. It has a matte touch with no shimmers at all. I really like that the shade as it suits my skin tone pretty well and look au naturel. This is good color for fair to medium skin tone with any undertones. The shade is versatile and gives a natural pinkish flush of color. The pigmentation is medium but buildable. This is really good for beginners because you can't simply go wrong with this blush. It is extremely forgiving and allows you to build the coverage as much as you much.

The texture of the blush is slightly coarse and not smooth when I touch it with fingers. However, on brush, it comes easily without nay fuss or mess. It applies nicely and controls oiliness to a certain extent as well. It spreads on the cheeks evenly and doesn't look patchy and irregular. The blush doesn't cling onto the dry patches.
The staying power of the blush is around 6-7 hours during winter which I believe will lessen slightly in summers. In settles down nicely with a matte look and stays put for a long time. It faded off without looking stark or gaudy in appearance. The price tag is easy on pocket and this is a very good blush for beginners.

Pros Of Blue Heaven Diamond Blush On 501:
  • Beautiful pink shade for fair to medium skin tone.
  • It is matte and has no gaudy shimmers.
  • Pigmentation is medium and very forgiving.
  • Excellent blush for beginners.
  • The texture is even and doesn't cling onto the dry patches.
  • Staying power is 6-7 hours in winter.

Cons Of Blue Heaven Diamond Blush On 501:
  • Worst packaging.
  • It has parabens.
  • The texture is slightly rough.

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Final Note:

I am slightly disappointed with the packaging but as a blush, the quality is good. It is more of a blush for beginners with a very nice shade range suitable for Indian skin. You are looking for a workable blush, this is the one for you. Personally, I would love to try out this range.

Contributed By: Salomi Das


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