7 Things To Consider Before Having A Baby

The innocent gaze of a baby showering you with unconditional love is probably one of the precious things in life. You may have often seen an...

The innocent gaze of a baby showering you with unconditional love is probably one of the precious things in life. You may have often seen an adorable baby in the arms of his or her mother and wondered when will you experience it. On the other hand, you may have seen a cousin or a friend grappling with the responsibilities of parenthood and thought that you are not yet ready to take on such a daunting task. And then there is this raging storm inside of you – whether to have or to not to have a baby. Yes, parenting is a very serious responsibility and if you choose to become a parent, your duty as a mother will continue for the rest of your life. There is no sending a resignation letter and quitting the job. But it is also the most rewarding experience to give and receive the purest form of love the world has ever known. So if you are unsure about whether to have a baby, read on to ponder over some critical aspects of your life before you decide to usher a little one into your life.

1. Your Reason To Have A Child

If you want to have a baby, it is important for you to clearly figure out your motivation. Unless there is an inner desire to have a baby, you will find it extremely difficult to raise the little one. If it is due to societal and family pressure, you may have to rethink your decision. The reason for having a baby has to be very clear to you in order to embrace motherhood successfully.

2. Your Relationship With Your Spouse

It is very important to make sure that you have a strong and healthy relationship with your partner before you decide to have a baby. Parenting is about two responsible people coming together and sharing the load of nurturing a newborn life. If your relationship is rickety, there are high chances of the baby born into a dysfunctional family and suffering the adverse effects. Speak to your partner and make sure both of you are on the same page about the decision.

3. Your Financial Status

It goes without saying that you need enough money to raise a child properly. You will also require savings and ready money for emergencies. You also have to keep aside money for your child's education. The cost of raising your child in a healthy and responsible way will have to be met. So think whether you are financially stable enough to take up the complete responsibility of a baby who will be completely dependent on you for at least the next 15 to 18 years.

4. Are You Ready For A Lifestyle Change

Most young couples these days live independently and have the privilege of living life on their own terms. Many have hectic schedules at work followed by a wild party to unwind. Weekends mean lazing around watching movies, reading or giving time to household work or other hobbies. But this freedom will take a severe hit when you have a baby. All your time and lifestyle will have to be scheduled around your baby and its needs. You may suddenly feel cut off from an active social life or have no time left for yourself. So before starting the journey of motherhood, you have to think about how much can you change for the sake of your baby. If it seems like a compromise or a difficult thing to do, maybe you should think over your decision again.

5. Do You Have Support

It is absolutely not easy to raise a child all by yourself. So before you decide to become a parent, think if you will have enough help from your partner, your family or an external help. If your partner is not willing to extend support in raising your baby, then you may want to rethink your decision and look for help from an external source.

6. Have You Fulfilled Your Career Goals Or Other Ambitions

Having a baby means you dedicate all your time and energy towards taking care of the little one. A mother is the sole source of sustenance for a newborn. Even when the baby grows up, there are tons of other things related to your child that need constant attention. So it becomes very difficult to juggle your professional goals and child care. So make sure you don't feel trapped or regretful when you cannot give enough attention to your ambitions. It is better to achieve at least some part of your goals and then decide to have a baby.

7. Is A Baby Absolutely Necessary For You

This may sound like an insensitive or rude question, but it is a very important one to consider. If you think you are living a fulfilling life without a baby, ponder over why do you need a baby in your life. It is better to decide now and come to a logical conclusion than to regret not thinking things over and taking a rash decision because the societal conventions demand that you have a child.

A baby can bring immense joy to the life of its parents and give a whole new meaning to their lives. But when you bring a newborn into this world without proper planning, there is a lot of uncertainty involved that may not be conducive to the nurturing of your little one. So make sure you really want a baby and can make all the compromises and sacrifices required of a mother to raise your child to become a good and healthy human being.
Happy motherhood!

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