Kryolan Latex Sponge Wedges Review

Very recently, I bought the Kryolan TV Paint Stick and along with that I also purchased the Kryolan Sponges. I apply foundation very rarely ...

Very recently, I bought the Kryolan TV Paint Stick and along with that I also purchased the Kryolan Sponges. I apply foundation very rarely as most of them break me out clogging my pores. But when I do, I use the fingers for application and blend it out with a sponge. I have heard many people commenting that brushes work better than sponges but the damp sponge is my Holy Grail and I feel more comfortable working with sponges. I am sure all of you heard of Beauty Blender and I so wish to buy it one day. But for now, I have to work with budget friendly ones. Kryolan sponges, which I have never used before, looked promising and I immediately bought it. Read to know how my impulsive buy fared.

About Kryolan Latex Sponge Wedges:

Sponge wedges made of natural latex, for precise, uniform application of cream make-up. Six pre-cut sponge wedges are delivered in hygienic, cellophane-wrapped packages.


125 INR for 6 wedges

Directions For Use:

Dampen the sponge and dab makeup onto the sponge and begin to apply to your face by patting and then blending downwards.

My Experience With Kryolan Latex Sponge Wedges:

Packaging: Kryolan sponge wedges come in a very basic packaging. It is plastic foiled wrapping with no seal at all. Though the brand name is written, the packaging isn't impressive at all. Anyone can dupe it or sell fake ones and one cannot identify also. I believe they should change the packaging as betterment.
Size & Shape: There are 6 wedges with pretty sleek and smooth design. I always use a wedge sponge for the application ever since I started working with the foundation and I feel pretty comfortable. It helps to stipple as well as blend the foundation downwards. It efficiently covers the problematic areas like the side of the nose and corner of the eyes. I wouldn't say it works flawlessly like an egg-shaped sponge, but it does a decent job. The edges are flat and thin and good for the corners and small areas.
Texture: The texture is latex but much softer than any other latex sponges I have used so far. It is extremely soft, slightly porous and suede to touch. It doesn't absorb too much product than other latex sponges which is pretty good. Every latex sponge after 1-2 uses starts peeling off and gets damaged, but each wedge takes 5-6 washes after which it starts peeling off slightly. Comparatively, it performs well but could have been better.

Application: The application is good and damp sponge works better than dry ones. Be it BB creams, mousse foundations or heavy cakey ones, I tried each and everything with this sponge and really liked the way it gave an airbrushed look. The sponge works better with buffing on the face and for thick foundations, you need to blend downwards.
Maintenance: After 5-6 washes, the sponges starts peeling slightly. It is very difficult to wash off the color from the sponge after the first use and the white color is long gone. Though it did survive better than other latex sponges of the higher price, still it isn't satisfactory.

Pros Of Kryolan Latex Sponge Wedges:
  • 6 white colored wedge shaped sponges.
  • The shape is good for application.
  • Soft texture.
  • The application is good for all foundations.
  • The peeling is less than other sponges.
  • Budget friendly.

Cons Of Kryolan Latex Sponge Wedges:
  • Cheap and worthless packaging.
  • The texture could have been better.
  • Sheds easily after 5-6 washes.

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Final Note:

The sponges are budget friendly but not very good. These are perfect for beginners and for sheer to medium coverage foundations but for a flawless look, you would require a better non-latex textured sponge.

Contributed By: Salomi Das


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