Himalaya Herbals Anti-Dandruff Hair Cream Review

Dandruff nowadays is quite a common problem due to the extreme pollution, dirt and dust we all have to endure every day. Dandruff is the roo...

Dandruff nowadays is quite a common problem due to the extreme pollution, dirt and dust we all have to endure every day. Dandruff is the root cause of various problems like hair fall, itchy scalp, scalp acne, root fungus, etc. and if it is not treated at the right moment with proper medication it leads from one problem to another. I am not much of an advocate for anti-dandruff shampoo as they merely cleanse the scalp with harsh chemicals and dandruff returns after 2-3 days. After using a plethora of anti-dandruff shampoos, I have realized that not only they are ineffective but also damage the hair beyond repair. I was so glad to receive the anti-dandruff cream from Himalaya Herbals which is a well-known herbal brand. This product is aimed at the treatment of scalp to prevent dandruff. The product claims to be quite promising. So let us dig into the details.

About Himalaya Herbals Anti-Dandruff Hair Cream:

Himalaya's Anti-Dandruff Hair Cream gently and effectively removes dandruff while keeping hair nourished and moisturized. It soothes an itchy and flaky scalp, which in turn helps strengthen the hair shaft and control hair fall.
Tea Tree Oil is an excellent anti-dandruff agent. With a high content of terpinen-4-ol, the major antimicrobial compound in Tea Tree Oil, dead cells, and dandruff are eliminated.


100 INR for 175 ml

Shelf Life:

3 years

Ingredients List:

Tea Tree Oil is a known anti-fungal agent which effectively treats dandruff. It moisturizes hair and keeps the scalp free of fungal infections.
Tulsi helps nourish hair, making it healthy and leaving it moisturized throughout the day.

Directions For Use:

Massage Anti-Dandruff Hair Cream gently into the scalp using a circular motion. Use regularly before and after shampooing to maintain dandruff-free, soft and healthy hair.

My Experience With Himalaya Herbals Anti-Dandruff Hair Cream:

The product comes in a round white tub with a green screw cap. I am not fond of the tub packaging because of the hygiene factor. Though the product doesn't spill or leak, it is a bit of a trouble to carry during traveling. Overall, it is a basic and simple packaging, but not very convenient. The cream is white in color and has the consistency of whipped cream consistency which is not thick at all. It has an aroma of tea tree and those mixed with certain medicinal herbs. The smell is slightly strong if you have a super sensitive nose, but it wasn't very bothersome for me.

The directions state that you have to apply the cream both before and after washing your hair. When I first applied before washing, I concentrated on the root areas by dividing the hair into various sections and combed the hair with a wide-tooth comb to spread it evenly. I noticed that after combing, my hair became slightly greasy near the roots as if I have applied oil. When I applied the cream on the lengths of the hair, it hydrated the strands pretty well. Even though it was greasy and oily, it was comfortable and not heavy like castor oil or coconut oil. I thoroughly washed my hair and noticed that all the traced of dry flakes were gone from my hair. When I applied the cream after the wash, it made my roots immensely oily as if I had just oiled. All the bounciness and volume was overwhelmed by the oiliness. Therefore, I never apply the cream after washing.

Speaking of the performance, you would notice that with regular usage the cream helps to wipe out the problem of dandruff but if you don't use it for some time it starts coming back all over again. The product has the goodness of tea tree oil, which is said to have antifungal and antiseptic properties. Tea tree oil has an abundance of terpinen-4-ol, an impressive antimicrobial substance that removes dead cells from the scalp as well as dandruff. It also nourishes and enriches the scalp, decreasing the hair fall problem to a large extent.

Pros Of Himalaya Herbals Anti-Dandruff Hair Cream:
  • Creamy consistency.
  • Nice smell though slightly strong.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Nourishes the hair from root to tips.
  • With regular usage, it cures the problem of dandruff.
  • Reduces hair fall.
  • Has the goodness of tea tree oil.
  • Budget friendly.

Cons Of Himalaya Herbals Anti-Dandruff Hair Cream:
  • Unhygienic tub packaging.
  • If you happen to skip the cream for few weeks, the problem of dandruff comes back.
  • Makes the hair oily when used after washing.

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

My dandruff problem isn't severe and, therefore, this cream works just fine. I have almost exhausted the tub within the last two months and looking forward to buying another one for the upcoming winter when I face the problem of dandruff the most. This is the best option for an anti-dandruff hair treatment instead of harsh shampoos.
Contributed By: Salomi Das


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  1. It definitely works well for its price.

  2. Simply worth trying product...dandruff irritates a lot:(

  3. I used to use this more like a nourishing hair pack than an anti dandruff cream. Have you tried TBS ginger shampoo? It works amazing for dandruff. Just ensure you always use a conditioner after using this shampoo, as it is a little on the drying side.


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