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In the last few years, people have become more aware of serious health issues due to bad eating habits. As a result, most of us are now extr...

In the last few years, people have become more aware of serious health issues due to bad eating habits. As a result, most of us are now extra health-conscious than before. We are on the lookout for healthy food options, checking nutrition labels and seeking products with health benefits. This is a wonderful change which contributes to a better society. In spite of all the information about healthy eating, there are times we feel guilty about munching our favorite snacks. To take off that guilt, is now offering yummy and healthy snacks which you cannot say no to!

They offer a wide range of healthy snacks to satisfy your snack appetite without compromising your health in any way. This is indeed a paradise of healthy snack lovers. To make you totally snack-happy, they offer delicious, tasty, fresh and full-flavored ingredients.
You can now order your snack box from Snackexperts by choosing from 6 different categories of snacks which includes 20 varieties of healthy and mouthwatering snacks. Sweety Retreats, Fruits Nuts Extravaganza, Fruits Fosterage, Scintillating Savouries, Sassy Seeds and Flapjack Fairies are the different categories of snacks you can select from.

Let's get into details about some healthy snacking options:

Sweety Retreats offers you snacks like Figgy Bar and Chocolate Brownie with natural sweetness. You surely would not want to miss this yummy treat!

The time between lunch and dinner is when we feel hungry and indulge in some unhealthy options. Gone are those times! Fruits Nuts Extravaganza now provides a selection of dried fruits and nuts which are hearty and nutritious too.

Scintillating Savouries like Urad Dhal Ladoo and Oats & Nuts Balls will surely remind you of your grandmother's healthy delicacies. Let's go back to our healthy childhood snack eating days.

Most fruits are seasonal. But with Snack Experts, you can now have your favorite dried fruits any time of the year. Even if you are not much of a fruit lover, here is your chance to try this tasty Fruits Fosterage.

Sassy Seeds includes some seeds mix which are not only good to taste but are also good for health.

While some of us are aware of Flapjack, most of us are not. They are low fat and healthy food option quite famous in the British cuisine. Why not try it in our very own India and reap the benefits? Check out Flapjack Fairies and you will not regret.

If you think that's about it, think again! We are all blessed with different tastes and to bring a joy to your taste buds Snackexperts makes sure to add new varieties of snacks every month. After all, variety is the spice of life! Star of this month is the Jackfruit Yummies – Jackfruit balls, Jackfruit Chews and Jackfruit Candies.

Snackexperts Subscription Types:

Snackexperts offer two subscription types for snack lovers.
Standard Box - Rs. 699 / box which is a 1-month subscription plan.
Smart Snacker - Rs.1799 for 3 boxes which is a 3-month subscription plan.

By opting for the most popular Smart Snacker plan, you get to enjoy free #ichoosehealth goodies worth Rs.300. Cash on Delivery ( COD ) option is available for both the subscription types. Want to take a trial? Then go for the One-time tasting box which will have 3 of the best snacks of Snackexperts. It is priced at just Rs. 150.

Snack Experts is FSSAI certified and offers delivery all over India. You can even think of gifting these healthy snacks to your family and friends. Head on to, create your account and order your first healthy snack box.

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