How To Remove Waterproof Mascara Perfectly

Inner beauty is great, but all the pretty girls would agree that a little mascara never hurts. Mascara makes a huge difference to your lashe...

Inner beauty is great, but all the pretty girls would agree that a little mascara never hurts. Mascara makes a huge difference to your lashes and opens up the eyes like no other. This is a must-have product in every makeup lover's kitty. Waterproof mascara adds up a bit more glamour to the eyes as you won't have to worry about the black color seeping down your cheeks. So, you can now workout, get drenched in the rain or cry to your heart's content without having to worry about how your eyes will look at the end of the day. Well, every good thing comes with a price. As long lasting it is, waterproof mascara is a real pain to remove. As they don't wash off with water, the cleanser does a little help in this situation. Eyes are extremely sensitive and delicate and, therefore, you cannot do much tugging or pulling as it will not only hurt the fragile skin but can cause wrinkles and fine lines easily. Therefore, we will elaborately tell you the various ways by which you can remove the waterproof mascara without hurting your eyes and it will be a cake walk for you. Read on to know more about it.

Professional Eye Makeup Remover Helps

Most us use the general makeup remover which is easily available but often these products are either ineffective to eye makeup or just end up irritating the eyes. Therefore, many brands have come up with specialized oil-free eye makeup removers which effectively remove the various eye makeup layers as well as the waterproof mascara. As mascara won't wash off with simple water, choose a remover that is effective to take off waterproof eye makeup. Take out a fair amount of product on a cotton pad and place it on top of the eyes for about a minute. This makes the lashes absorb the remover and takes off the mascara fast. Simply close your eyes and keep sweeping the lashes in the downward motion until all the mascara comes off. Wash off the residual product with a splash of cold water.

Consider Natural Makeup Removers

Natural makeup removers are the best budget friendly deal that you can opt for. Though sometimes they are slightly messy, their efficiency is top notch. Natural makeup removers are coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil and castor oil. These makeup removers will not only remove every layer of makeup from eyes or face but will enhance the delicate skin as well. Castor oil also aids in helping the eyelashes grow. Take a damp cotton cloth or a wet wipe dip in either of the mentioned oils and keep on your eyelids covering the lashes for 30 seconds to a minute. Now gently wipe off in the downward motion to remove the clumps of mascara. Wash off with a mild face wash to remove the layer of oil.

Use Wet Wipes & Petroleum Jelly

As waterproof mascara will hardly be removed with wet wipes, you have to use a petroleum jelly. It is extremely effective, non-irritating and safe for the sensitive eye area and lashes. Coat the lashes thickly with the petroleum jelly and let it soak for few minutes. After that, take a wet wipe and wipe the eyelashes in the downward motion to remove the mascara from upper and lower lashes. Take out another clean wet wipe and clean the eye area for a fresh look.

Cold Cream Has Multiple Benefits

There are various cold creams available in the market which can be effectively used to remove the stubborn waterproof mascara at the end of the day. Choose a cold cream which is not sensitive to your eyes and apply a heavy layer on the eyelashes and keep it for a few minutes. Once the cream is fairly absorbed, you would notice (by fluttering your lashes) that the mascara starts to come off. Take a wet wipe or clean damp cloth and start wiping the area in the downward motion. You would notice how easily the waterproof mascara will come off due to the amount of natural oils present in the cold cream.

Try Baby Shampoo

Most of the baby shampoos in the market have the 'no-tears' element and they are extremely sensitive than normal shampoos as it is specialized for infants. These shampoos are also pH balanced and hence would not be hurtful for the sensitive eye area. You can take a few dollops of shampoo and lather on the eyelids to wash off the waterproof mascara. There is another method where you can take few drops of shampoo on a wet wipe and sweep in a downward motion slowly to remove the mascara and wash off with a cold splash of water.

These are the various ways by which you can wipe off the stubborn mascara from your precious eyelashes. Just make a point not to struggle or use unnecessary rubbing on the eyes to disturb the delicate layer of the skin.

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Contributed By: Salomi Das


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  1. Its a pain to remove eye makeup specially after a tiring long day. And the mascara creates most problems in removal. Helpful tips!

  2. Nice tips because rubbing your eyes a lot can cause aging...these tips will ease the work..

  3. Nice tips. I like using Johnson's baby oil, work it in, and then use baby wipes to remove the product.


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