10 Ways To Prevent Your Hair From Tangling

We all love the gorgeous rustling and cascading hair but often get tired of handling the tangles. Whether it is medium length hair or long h...

We all love the gorgeous rustling and cascading hair but often get tired of handling the tangles. Whether it is medium length hair or long hair, we always face the trouble of detangling them after waking up or enjoying a lovely ride with the hair let down. If we are impatient while detangling the hair, it causes a lot of pain and hair fall. Moreover, continuous tangles in the hair can cause long-term problems of losing the shine and natural texture of the hair along with the hair breakage. Though brushing is a quick and temporary solution to the problem, the hair definitely needs to be taken care in the long run. The main thing which aids in tangling the hair is the dehydration and dryness. Therefore, when you are facing the constant problem of tangled hair, it is time to improvise and follow the procedure to prevent them. Here are certain steps to prevent the hair from tangling. So let your hair down and incorporate these changes to have the cascading hair flowing without tangles.

1. Finish With A Cool Rinse

Although lukewarm hair wash is great to de-toxify the oil and dirt from the scalp while shampooing, the final rinse with cool water is as essential as the first wash. The cool rinse will add a shine to your tresses, help you maintain the shine and most importantly aid in maintaining the glossiness of the hair. When the hair is smooth and glossy, it will automatically remain tangle free.

2. Conditioner To The Rescue

The conditioner is your best friend when you face the troubles of detangling. Incorporate the routine of both normal and leave-in-conditioner or hair serum to keep the hair hydrated. If your tresses are extremely dry, add few drops of non-sticky hair oil to add a bit of shine and softness. While applying the conditioner, concentrate more on the ends and middle of the hair to repair the damage as much as you can.

3. Use Detangling Products

The market is flooded with detangling products which aid in keeping the fine knots at bay. Invest in a good detangling product specified for your hair type, i.e., straight, wavy or curly to avoid the tangles every now and then. Detangling products are wonderful as they moisturize your hair and keep away the dryness. They are best used on dampen or semi-dry hair and also tames the frizz to a large extent.

4. Wide Tooth Comb Helps

A wide tooth comb is an essential, no matter what kind of hair you have. Before combing with a normal comb or brush, first run your fingers slowing into your hair with patience. Then, use a wide tooth comb to detangle the knots slowly. After that, you can move on with the brush for the hairstyle. Always brush your hair before shampoo to prevent tangling while cleaning the hair. Make it a routine to comb your hair before hitting the bed and after waking up as well.

5. Try The Bun Hairstyle

The bun hairstyle works great for medium to long hair. This is the safest option and quite in fashion. If you want to keep the hair in place or prevent them from tangling, roll up the hair and make a fancy donut or messy bun and rock the look. You can also make a quick bun while traveling and save the hair from getting knotted in the wind. In this way, the hair is prevented from tangling and you get the perfect long tresses at the right moment.

6. Enjoy A Hot Oil Massage

Well, they say it right, there is nothing better than a hot oil massage for the scalp and hair. You can literally keep all the hair problems away with this method including tangling. Hot oil massage is incredibly good for hair and provides you with well nourished, lovely long mane and prevents the hair from tangling after you wash it. Remember, the softer and smoother the hair – the more tangle free it will be.

7. Sleep Safe

Sleep time is exactly when we have no control at all. In fact, we face the main problem of tangles when we wake up. Always brush your hair and remove the tangles before you hit the bed. You can make a high bun or braid the hair before sleeping to prevent the hair getting tangled. Sleep on a pure silk pillow cover than a cotton one. Silk covers tame the frizz, prevent dryness and keep the hair knot-free when you wake up.

8. Avoid Chemicals & Alcohol Based Products

Try investing in a good herbal shampoo rather than heavy chemical based products flooded in the market. Too many harsh chemicals and too much alcohol makes the hair rough and dry and eventually when it grows, you face the trouble of tangles. Try and avoid the voluminous sprays which break the texture of the hair by making it rough and literally impossible to comb. This not only causes tangles but also hair fall and hair breakage in the long run.

9. Hair Mask Nourishes

The hair mask is a good option to nourish the chemically abused hair to keep it tangle free. There are some good readymade hair masks available in the market and you can also try the homemade hair masks with various hair oils. If you have extremely dry hair, invest in a hair mask with Argan oil which helps in repairing the hair follicles with continuous usage.

10. Wear Hats Or Head Scarfs

Fedora hats, fancy scarfs, and head wrappers are of a great option to try something quirky with the fashion statement and prevent the hair from tangling as well. It also protects the hair from dust and pollution, thus preventing tangling and saves you from the hair damage to a large extent.

These are the simple ways by which you can have beautiful, tangle-free and healthy hair. Try it out!

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