Gift Ideas For The Connoisseurs In Your Life

Whether they're a lover of fine foods, fine drink, collector's items, or something else, it can be difficult to buy a gift for a fr...

Whether they're a lover of fine foods, fine drink, collector's items, or something else, it can be difficult to buy a gift for a friend with an expensive taste, especially if you aren't too familiar with their area of expertise. When it comes to buying a gift for a connoisseur, your best bet is to go small but classy. Look for gifts that will complement their favorite things, rather than expensive gifts to impress and overwhelm. When you're not familiar with wine or fancy cheeses, it will be just about impossible to pick out something that the connoisseur will like. Much more doable is to find something that they can use or something that you think they won't have tried before.

Good Compliments

When looking for a gift that will accompany your friend's main interest, think about things that will actually be practical for them to use while enjoying their favorite things.
  • Nice glasses for the lover of beer, wine, or cocktails. Skip over the novelty items, and instead go for something that they will be able to use and enjoy for a long time. Places like Crate and Barrel offer nice selections of glassware for surprisingly low prices. And don't feel like you have to buy them an entire dinner set. A set of two or four nice cocktail glasses will be a safe and reliable bet for any connoisseur.
  • You can get something that suits their aesthetic preferences. People who love food and drink also tend to love a nice appearance and presentation. Look out for items that complement their aesthetic preferences. If they've got a thing for black and gold, look out for items for dining or drink in black and gold like plates, napkins, placemats, cups, etc. If they love the rustic chic look, check out some items that will appeal to that sensibility like repurposed bottles, crates, etc. If you're doing any online shopping, be sure to use any coupons you can find.

  • Vintage or vintage-inspired accessories are a great option too! Most tastes that lend themselves to connoisseur tend to come from long and storied traditions of artisanship, technique, and history. Appeal to their connoisseur sensibility with an item that recalls the history of their favorite thing. Easier items include things like books about the history of that thing. For example, you can get very nice illustrated guides and coffee table books about the history of wine, certain foods, and lots of other things. But other types of items that might appeal could include things like vintage or vintage-inspired cigar cutters or pipes, glassware, storage containers, art objects inspired by that item, etc. Check your area for antique stores or stores that cater specifically to that interest as more and more stores catering to specific connoisseur markets are cropping up in urban areas.
  • If your friend is a connoisseur, not of food, drink, or other consumables, but of some collector's item, then they might appreciate gifts that will help them display and preserve their favorite items. Don't buy anything expensive that might not agree with their tastes or aesthetics, but instead try to find out if they've been thinking about having something framed or prepared for display, if they have a favorite kind of cleaning or finishing product, etc.

Something Different

Though it can be intimidating to try to pick out something new or unexpected for a connoisseur, it can be fun to try to find some related items that are different or funny, not because you expect the connoisseur to enjoy them the same way they would an expensive bottle of wine, but because it provide a fun and different experience.
  • Order some personalized wine bottles for the wine connoisseur. Though it won't provide the experience the wine drinker is typically looking for from fine wine, they might have some fun getting a gift like this to commemorate a special occasion.
  • For the lover of fine foods and drink, look for unusual combinations like gourmet chocolates that combine pepper and other interesting ingredients, or liquors from interesting locales or with interesting infusions, etc.

  • Consider trying something homemade. For the lover of beer or wine, it might be fun to try a homemade drink or something that comes from a local winery or brewery, especially if they aren't terribly well-known. 
  • If there are any establishments nearby that relate to their interest like a berry picking farm, a brewery, a winery, etc., give them a certificate to take a tour or do a tasting.

While it can of course be a bit intimidating to try to buy a gift for someone with very particular tastes, you have lots of options available to you in smart and safe gift items that complement their interest, or in interesting or different gift items that will provide something a bit fun and unusual. Think outside the box for these kinds of gifts, and have fun with it.

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